Open Assignments

Open Assignments for Interns & Interested Scouts/Analysts

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This page has been setup for any interested interns, scouts and analysts.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Advance Pro Basketball or would like to get deeper into basketball analysis through analytics and video, the type of work that could open up doors to working with teams and clients that we deal with please feel free to contact me directly at 

There are currently available assignments related to G-League, Euroleague, 7Days EuroCup and Basketball Champions League teams and potential clients that we can share.

Rules and conditions about all assignments:
All assignments are on a first come first serve basis. 
None of the assignments are paid!
You will get credit for the work that you do in terms of being posted back on the Advance Pro Basketball public website.
You will get a chance to work with teams directly if the work is deemed fit to be shared with teams accordingly.
This content is available exclusively to members of Ermay Duran's Patreon at "Mid Tier" or higher tier.