NBA Analytics Personnel

Here is a list of analytics professionals who are assigned to various analytics jobs inside the headquarters and franchises within the NBA.

When utilizing analytics, teams might put different emphasis on;

  •  Player development & roster construction,
  •  Game-planning (including in-game decision making),
  •  Physical training including injury avoiding methods such as usage of sleep monitors and wearable data-collecting devices to track fatigue level.

Professionals Working at the NBA and Its Franchises

  • NBA Headquarters:
    Evan Wasch (Senior VP of Basketball Strategy & Analytics), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Hao Meng (Senior Director, Basketball Strategy & Analytics), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Patrick Harrel (Basketball Strategy & Analytics Manager), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Rebecca Higgitt (Basketball Strategy Senior Analyst), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Samantha Garofalo (Data Scientist), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Colin Bowers (Data Scientist) Last checked on 11-04-2019 
  • Atlanta Hawks:
    Dwight Lutz (Director of Basketball Strategy & Analytics), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Maksim Horowitz (Data Scientist), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Chris Mast (Performance Data Scientist) Last checked on 11-04-2019


  • Boston Celtics:
    Mike Zarren (Assistant General Manager & Team Counsel), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Dave Lewin (Director of Player Evaluation), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    David Sparks (Director of Basketball Analytics), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Drew Cannon (Basketball Operations Analyst) Last checked on 11-04-2019



  • Charlotte Hornets:
    George Rodman (Director of Basketball Analytics & Strategy), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Alexander Powell (Basketball Operations Quantitative Analyst) Last checked on 11-15-2019


  • Chicago Bulls:
    Steve Weinman (Assistant General Manager), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Miles Abbett (Manager of Minor League Scouting and Analytics), Last checked on 11-04-2019
    Faizan Hasnany (Coordinator of Basketball Analytics) Last checked on 11-15-2019





  • Golden State Warriors:
    Pabail Sidhu (Director, Basketball Analytics and Innovation)
    Nick Kerr (Assistant Video Coordinator) Last checked on 10-18-2019







  • Miami Heat:
    Shane Battier (Vice President, Basketball Development & Analytics),
    Brian Hecker (Director of Basketball Analytics and Performance Technology),Last checked on 10-15-2019
    Zac Robertson (Basketball Analytics Manager),
    Bob Chaikin (Basketball Analyst)



  • Minnesota Timberwolves:
    Robby Sikka (Vice President of Basketball Performance and Technology),
    Sachin Gupta (Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations),
    Nick Restifo (Senior Basketball Operations Analyst),
    Cole Fisher (Basketball Operations Analyst)


  • New Orleans Pelicans:
    Shane Kupperman (Director of Basketball Operations), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Dan Purcell (Basketball Operations Manager),
    Somak Sarkar (Basketball Operations Analyst) Last checked on 11-15-2019


  • New York Knicks:
    Michael Arcieri (Director of Basketball Strategy),
    Mike Smith (Director of Analytics and Pro Scout),
    Richard Dry (Director of Sports Technology) Last checked on 11-15-2019




  • Philadelphia 76ers:
    Alex Rucker (Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Sergi Oliva (Vice President of Strategy), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Grant Fiddyment (Data Scientist), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Michael Lai (Data Scientist), Last checked on 11-15-2019
    Ivana Seric (Data Scientist), Last checked on 10-18-2019


  • Phoenix Suns:
    Ryan Resch (Director, Basketball Strategy),Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Sergio Santamaria (Basketball Operations Analyst) Last checked on 10-18-2019


  • Portland Trail Blazers:
    Zach Williams (Director of Basketball Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019



  • San Antonio Spurs:Joshua Fink (Director of Data Science), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    David Kaplan (Senior Data Scientist) Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Brady Baker (Basketball Analytics Quality Assurance Assistant), Last checked on 10-18-2019


  • Toronto Raptors:
    Keith Boyarsky (Vice President, Basketball Strategy & Research), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Katherine Evans (Director of Strategic Research), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Eric Khoury (Assistant Coach / Director, Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Brittni Donaldson (Data Analyst Assistant Coach), Last checked on 10-18-2019


  • Utah Jazz:
    Cory Jez (Coordinator of Basketball Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Anthony So (Data Engineer, Basketball Analytics) Last checked on 10-18-2019


  • Washington Wizards:
    Dean Oliver (Assistant Coach), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Brett Greeenberg (Assistant General Manager for Strategy and Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Greg Kershaw (Director Of Basketball Operations), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Ben Eidelberg (Manager, Basketball Strategy and Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Zain Jafri (Data Scientist, Basketball Strategy and Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019
    Samuel Kaplan (Coordinator, Basketball Strategy and Analytics), Last checked on 10-18-2019