Tobias Jensen – The Next Level Danish Sensation

The Eurobasket U18 tournaments for Men have been completed and we have seen some very well-established players really take the stage at both A division. But this storyline will read a bit differently.

Thanks to the endless support of InStat Sports we wanted to take a look at a budding talent that over the 21-22 season played above 50 games including both NT U18 level as well as in Germany at NBBL and Pro B level for Ratiopharm Ulm’s Orange Academy as well as their talent team.

Tobias Jensen, this kid a 6’6 talent originally from Denmark really has a special skill set. Coming from a small basketball nation that is eventually going to keep growing with every season.

One of his coaches Alex Arias from the U18 Denmark NT program had the following to say about him:

” Tobias is one of the best talents I’ve ever seen.

With his size is able to do things that is not easy.

Specially his mobility in defense against small PG.

Pick&roll abilities and the way he is able to create his own shots.

I see him a lot of things that Lamelo Ball did when he was young.

His work ethic is amazing, great leader, first showing up for practice and last leaving the facilities.

Also his family is really into Basketball and the way they educate him is really good. “

Analytical insights

Player Comparisons based on recent games incl. Eurobasket 2022 (Div. B) performance measures:

Performances across the 2021 – 2022 season:

For a full robust picture check this out:

Tobias across the 21-22 season:

Having been with the German BBL team of Ratiopharm Ulm and their system where Coach Moris Hadzija has not just assisted in his grow but has been crucial in the development of this young talent had the following to say about Tobias:

I have worked with this kid for 2 and a half years now and he can’t stop impressing me from day to day. His ceiling is high and I am looking forward to see how will make a leap to bbl this and next season

the footage is exclusive and shared by Coach Moris Hadzija and all rights are reserved with Ratiopharm Ulm and Orange Campus (Top D One).

Overall performances across the last 10 games played incl. Denmark U18 NT





Shot Contests:


Overall Outlook:

Tobias has already gathered that attention of the international basketball community with his performance across the most recent Eurobasket Div. B 2022 tournament and its no doubt his growth is imminent.

With both remarks from one of the top player development coaches and the national team coaches that have been shared about him, this two way talent will be a joy to watch in Germany even this season.

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