HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyesi FULL tactics of Korhan Aydanarığ – Updated and analyzed by Serhat Kahraman for APB


Hello everyone, here is the full and updated scouting report on HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyesi – Denizli men’s basketball match from Turkish Basketball Super League. I watched and noted this match in the city of Afyon. A really hard and well faught match for both teams that Afyon won.

Let’s start the look up for Team and Player Stats.

Most obvious thing in the Team stats is Afyon played really high percentage against Denizli. Their 3’s %45 with 10 made.

Line-Up stats time, I took a note, in the last half of third quarter, Coach Aktaş switch his team, big players comes to the court, and they try to catch some Post-Up game from there with 4 big size players. With this line-up, they made +4 against the Afyon. In the last week, Büyükçekmece got 24 offensive rebound. If you watch your opponent’s match, you can see something like that information. This is my notes for line-up, I want to talk about the Pick and Roll too, in the second quarter, Afyon catch some difference to Denizli, but Denizli’s only respond is playing Top PnR with Ram Screen. I couldn’t understand that. In the half time, I said to my friend, they try to get some possession with Ram Screen but this is so illogical, Ram Screen mostly using for the Hedge defenses, Afyon never use Hedge for you. Denizli’s Side Pick&Roll’s very effective because of the Afyon’s weak Ice defense(after the first time-out, they start to make correct Ice defense) but Coach Aktaş didn’t use it, except for the part they get the momentum and takes the score advantages at the beginning of the first quarter. So interesting in this level. Whatever, I add both teams line-up stats below of this paragraph.

Let’s look Afyon’s offensive side

1) Transition

They got 3 option when they want to play Transition,

a) Jackson, Selden and Hayes can play Coast to Coast very effectively,

b) Opponent team’s shooter’s match-up goes to the other court and try to get the ball in the Post area.

c) Early Pick and Roll

I really love Early PnR because when the team plays early, their defense pushes themselves to the make rotation from the beginning of the offense.

2) 45′ cuts

Especially Selden. He creates his own possessions from there. I got 4 clips for weakside forward’s cuts.

3) Weak Defense

You can see Denizli’s defensive problems, Ice mistakes, late helps, etc. in this clip.

Now the time for x’s and o’s;

a) ATO- Elevator for Shooter

They started with a pin down, then we saw the hand-off between #2 and #1. After that, the action starts, #1 plays Side Pick and Roll with #5, then #4 and #5 make elevator screen for #2, and Coach Aydanarığ’s team gets 3. Also, at the beginning of the set, if #2 uses Zipper, they can catch #3’s 3 Pts because his match-up comes help. One more option, if Elevator Screen fails, Afyon’s #4 got 3 Pts Shoot. #5 can make Flare Screen to his match-up and #4 can go to the nearest corner, then they can catch possession from there too.

Very good ATO play from coach Aydanarığ, in this play, they got 3 and also Hayes comes himself after that play. I was born in Afyon, I watch their matches so many times, but I have never seen an ATO play like this. Very effective play.

b) Zipper with Stagger

This is a classical Zipper, only one detail, not starting with Pin-down, they makes stagger for the PnR handler before the gets the ball.

c) Horn

They got two different Horn plays,

  1. #4(Filipovity) in the Elbow at the initial alignment

In this play, after the #4’s Pop-out and gets the ball, #4 passes to the strongside corner forward and forward plays Side PnR with Chicago Screen.

  1. #3(Selden) in the Elbow at the initial alignment

This is not of their classical play I think, one of their play, Selden uses Flare screen, on the other play, they got DHO after the Hayes’s elbow screen’s to the Selden. I couldn’t solve that situation.

d)Spanish Pick and Roll

In the Yalova match, Afyon’s first points comes from that play. They use that also this match. My favourite play is Spanish Offense. In this season, every single team’s got some Spanish Pick and Roll game and this makes me happy.

Denizli Offensive Side

When we look at the Denizli’s Offensive Side, my first words will be, they can find helper’s or help to helper’s match-up so easily. They are really good at this.

1) Ram Screen

I collected some clips from Coach Aktaş’s favourite play, you can see that.

2) Post-Up

Sometimes they prepared Post play with Cross Screen, sometimes after the Double Exit, they try to give the ball to Post player.

3) Early PnR

They attacked Ice PnR defense on their Early Offenses. Afyon makes weak Ice defense to the first time-out. After that, they make correct Ice defense, so Denizli couldn’t use Early PnR effectively.

4) SLOB – Fake Stagger

This is really good offensive play for the shooter players. Sometimes, against the hard deny or your shooter player’s got slow legs, one stagger, or flare, or elevator can’t solved that, so every coaches should use this fake stagger and takes the results so easily

. I also saw a fake stagger action before the Zafer Aktaş’s team, a similar version is used by Nesibe Aydın Women’s basketball team uses this fake stagger action.