Eren Yilmaz Çinar – Scouting Report By Alex Brown

Player Profile

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Age – DOB: 18 years – June 28, 2003

Nationality: Turkey

Current Team: Frutti Extra Bursaspor – BGL U18

Unofficial Measurements: 1.98m, 92 kgs, 2m wingspan (6’5, 203 lbs, 6’5.5 wingspan)

Positional Fit & Development Path: High Usage Guard (HUG)

Injury Report: No information made available.

Athletic Profile: Eren is not a guard that will be providing advantages with his athleticism, as he relies more on craft to generate advantages. He is below average when it comes to burst, vertical pop, and airborne body control, but his open court speed is decent and his coordination can have good moments off the dribble. Overall, he will need to develop his body (especially lower body strength) to reach his potential.

Playtype Data:


Format 1: Strengths & Improvement Areas

Analysis on the notable strengths and improvement areas a player possesses.

28 Point Game vs. Telekom U18 (1.29.2022) Highlights:

Season Offensive Highlights:


Shooting Upside:

3pt Shots:

Eren is still developing on the upward trajectory as a shooter, but there is value to be found in the base he has established for himself. The instincts are there, but there are a few mechanical fixes that need to be implemented for him to truly realize his shooting upside.

  • Comfortable pulling up in P&R, getting to his spots: Eren has good instincts for punishing defenders who go under ball screens. He manipulates his defender using the screen to free himself up for open, high quality looks from deep. He has also flashed a side-step and step-back 3pt shot as well. His high release point aids him in shooting over defenders as well. As he continues to develop consistency in his jumper, it is reasonable to assume this could be a more efficient threat in the near future.
  • Serviceable C&S game: Eren has shot 41.67% (15/36) from deep this season as a C&S threat. Across all other playtypes, Eren is shooting 5/25 (20%). That off-the dribble game has not been executed with efficiency yet, but as mentioned, he has the skillset & instincts to get to good looks on his spots on the perimeter. For now, he can serviceably hit 3’s off the catch, which is a floor raiser for him.

Handle & Secondary Playmaking Upside:

Assists + Turnovers:

While he his A:TO is currently 0.6:1 (1.2:2) thus far, there are avenues to value for Eren as a secondary playmaker. First off, Eren is pretty manipulative off the dribble, and he uses it to punish stunting defenders, find open space to draw help, and is learning to pass off a live dribble. While he still operates a bit more like a secondary playmaker instinctually, he has path to being a higher usage ball handler if his live dribble playmaking and OTD shooting improve. The majority of his lapses and improvement areas as a playmaker are more attributed to feel & experience at this point, as they can be some silly/sloppy errors that look more like mental presence lapses than anything else. As his feel improves (especially in OTD scenarios), it should open up a lot of avenues for him to add additional value as a playmaker.

Offensive Rebounding:


Averaging 2 offensive rebounds per game is no easy feat for a guard. Eren does a good job of finding gaps to sneak his way to the glass and finishing putbacks when he can protect the ball and get to his left. While it isn’t flashy, the amount of second chance opportunities he generates for a guard is quite notable.

Improvement Areas

Self-Creation – Attacking the Rim:

One of the most notable improvement areas for Eren is attacking the rim, as it is a key area to open up the rest of his offensive attack. He is currently shooting 33.33% (7/21) at the rim as a P&R handler, isolation scorer, and C&D threat. However, note that he has scored 11/14 (79%) at the rim as a cutter & handoff attacker.

  • Playing through contact: When Eren meets contact at the rim (both before or after his jump), he typically struggles maintaining his touch and body control. This can be improved by working on developing stronger gathers, making weight room gains, and focusing on the improvement of his timing when reading a defender’s jump & momentum. This should also help Eren get to the free throw line more often.
  • Floater Game, & Lacking “Pop”: These two factors are two sides of the same coin when it comes to Eren’s development. When players (especially guards) lack vertical pop around the rim and have to rely on playing below it, the road to success as a slasher & P&R threat will have to be in the craft (see playing through contact development points) and finding ways to punish defenders from mid range. This could manifest as a lefty floater from Eren, which would help keep opposing bigs honest when he attacks the rim. If a big knows you will fade from contact or stay below the rim, they will instinctually bait your rim challenge and play the roller more, as that gives them the advantage. Developing counters for this is key for players like Eren.

Off-Dribble Shooting Volatility:

As mentioned, Eren has a good C&S game to build on as well as the instincts needed for getting to his spots on the perimeter in P&R and off a side-step/step-back. However, there are a few areas Eren could grow in that would notably augment his perimeter attack off the dribble.

  • Consistent Base: Correctly & consistently transferring energy through a jumpshot can be a difficult task on even a stationary C&S jumper, but it is so key for the best shooters out there. When operating off the dribble, Eren will need to focus on finding more consistency here by just feeling it out through countless practice reps. When his shot looks great, his base is balanced and his legs are in sync with his high release, and there have been a couple great flashes of that in OTD situations that can be built upon.

Capitalizing on created advantages:

2 Clip Example (Lapses):

Eren can get downhill and get to the first step of a power play off the dribble, but he needs to improve on capitalizing on these situations as a playmaker and scorer (as mentioned above in attacking the rim). Part of this is just learning what the better play is and recognizing it when the situation comes.

  • Occupying the big: There were moments throughout this season where Eren would get an advantage going downhill in P&R and set up that 2v1 beautifully, but did not take the extra step or make the extra move needed to get the opposing bigs’ attention to free up himself or the roller for an easy bucket. Considering the great flashes he has of manipulating the primary POA defender, it is not unreasonable to believe he can make strides here with the big given time and reps.
  • Punishing the help: Occasionally, teams would send the strong side corner/wing defender to assist in mitigating the drive against Eren. While it’s true that his team does not exactly have a ton of shooting efficiency from deep, making these reads to the corner/wing needs to occur instantly.


Format 1: Strengths & Improvement Area

Analysis on the notable strengths and improvement areas a player possesses.

Defensive Mix (Closeouts, POA, Transition, Team Defense):


Shot anticipation:

Eren doesn’t have the luxury of being able to rely on freak athleticism or good length to correct mistakes. However, he does have some good anticipatory instincts when it comes to making good contests on the ball. While he won’t come away with many blocks, he does a good job of getting a hand up and committing to making an impact on shooters. Would like to see this become more consistently impactful, but there were certainly good flashes.

Improvement Areas

POA Defense:

Owning his space in POA situations will be one of the largest areas of growth we would like to see from Eren.

  • Strength: Since Eren does not have the length or vertical pop to recover and impact shot creators/space generators, the best way for him to add some POA value would be strengthening up and adding weight to assist in bumping offensive players off their spots with his chest. He likely will remain a step behind when it comes to speed and lateral mobility, so might as well embrace being a strong-based defender.
  • Finishing plays: Since Eren lacks some recovery athleticism needed to make plays as a rearview contester, etc., there are some lost cause judgments that occur that will need to improve moving forward. This could manifest as constantly committing to boxing out, or putting forth a lot of additional recovery effort once he has been beaten.
  • Transition Defense: As previously mentioned, Eren does not excel in defensive scenarios where athleticism wins the matchup. This is most prevalent in transition defense. Eren will need to focus on making an impact with intelligent positioning and superb effort.

Essentially, in order to maximize his potential, Eren will need to turn himself into a defender that makes up for his athletic shortcomings with intelligent positioning, added muscle, and outlier defensive intensity and effort. If he can do that while shooting C&S threes and developing his OTD game, there’s the path to value.

Team Defense:

Eren us aware of his responsibilities within the scheme for the most part, but there are a couple areas that we would like to emphasize growth in. Since many teams will likely want to mask him off the ball, mastering the mental side of team defense would be a great way for Eren to stick on a team.

  • Head on a swivel: Eren can get caught ball watching. It is a pretty common issue at this stage, and is nothing that good coaching cannot fix. Mental presence in team defense scenarios needs to improve by focusing on reducing tunnel vision, especially as the low man on the weak side.
  • Closeout impact: While his technique is serviceable at this stage, Eren has to make up for some athletic deficiencies by being a bit more cautious on his closeouts. This can cause shooters to be a bit too comfortable with him closing out, and he will simply have to make up for that with additional effort and sharpened up footwork.

Overall Outlook

There is upside in Eren with his ability to get to his spots off the dribble, space the floor off the ball, and create advantages in P&R. If he wants to make the move to the US, he will need to lean on bringing a lot of defensive effort early while the rest of his offensive OTD game continues to evolve.