Cadi La Seu (Sedis) Basket Offensive Plays and play types report by Kemal Serhat Kahraman

We do hope you enjoy what Serhat has to offer #advprobball

Hello everyone, I prepared Sedis Basket’s Offensive plays and play types scouting.

Coach Bernat Canut got some good plans for his team, so you can see that on my report. Let’s go!

First of all, having watched their last 5 Win in the Spanish League for this Scouting Report. Let’s first of all have a look at their stats. Let’s look at their Boxscore from these matches.

After the Team and Player Stats, I want to share their play types and frequently plays stats too. Let’s see them.

The last thing surrounding the stats, are their Lineups.

I want to talk about Coach’s Transition plans. The most important thing about their Transition is #8 Irati Etxarri, and other short players, except their centers, can dribble and play C2C. This is such a valuable thing. Also, they can play Early Offense too. You can see their Early Offense clips and also I add their Transition variations in this paragraph. I said variations, also they use their Rim Runner effectively. Sometimes, they can use their forwards as a fastbreak runner too.

The second clip about their offense is Pick and Roll. They got so strong in the Pick and Roll game, especially when they want to use Roller, they can catch easy possession from there. Also sometimes they try to use Spanish Pick and Roll(Spanish Way Offense) and they can finish it. Handler’s uses their Pull-Up’s usually when they play PnR. Sedis’s handlers can’t pass the defense easily, so they can’t finish them with lay-ups so much. I think this can cause some problems, like a free throw or press breakers, etc. Also, their tempo so breakable with the press when Pena is sitting on the bench. Sometimes, their opponents use this, of course, they got so many dribble players, (guard to power forward) but they can’t take tempo on their hand at that time.

When we look at my third clip about Coach Bernat Canut’s team, I collected some Zone Attacks for you. They got some sets but I didn’t take them. I collected their spontan offenses against the zone. They try to give the ball to the High Post. As all we know, this is one of the most valuable solutions for defeating the zone defense. If they didn’t want to play there, Sedis use Pick and Roll’s for passing the Zone.

Also, they use cuts, especially Irati, Sedis’s shining star, making so many cuts and they catch the positions so well. In the off-season this year, we waited for the offer for a big club, we can’t make a deal in the negotiations so that thing is gone. If we were making a deal with that club was summer 2021, Irati was head of my list. Whatever, I made her Scouting report as you can find on this website, I add a video, about her cuts here. MVP!


Now, time for Coach’s sets against man to man defense. You can see clips and diagrams for some of their plays.

1) Motion

This is a classical pass-cut set, they finish that with PnR.



This is a classical Zipper set.


3) Horn and Double Exit

Coach Canut uses Horn as their initial alignment. In most of his sets, we can see that. After the UCLA screen, #5 takes the ball and makes DHO with #2. Then, we got 2 pin downs there, after that, they try to give the ball to their centers for the Post-Up.


4) Cross Screen

In this set, Coach Canut draws for #5’s Post-Up play. If she can’t take the ball after the #2’s cross screen, #3 makes a pin down to #2, and #2 gets the ball.


5) Horn and Zipper

They got #4’s DHO with #2, classical zipper plays, also they got 45’s forward makes cut for the broke to helpers.


6)SLOB Plays

They got many different SLOB plays, they can use their man to man plays, they can play PnR, they can use ATO’s, etc. I added two SLOB plays, Spanish Pick and Roll and Iverson Screen. You can see it there.


Coach Bernat Canut is created very good team, I really enjoy when I watch the Sedis. Good job Coach! Keep going.

I want to share two things with you, sorry for disturbing you more.

Spain League is my career target. This is why I always prepare reports from the Spanish league. Now I am 22, When I graduated from medical school, right after quitting being a doctor at the age of 25, I will do whatever it takes to become a basketball coach in Spain.

On Saturday night, my grandma passed away, I want to thank her. Thanks for everything you gave me. Rest in peace, grandma, we love you.