Tyler Burton – An NBA Draft Scouting Series – 6 by Alex Brown

Modern Position: Elite Wing Shooter – Low Rotation Level

Size: 6’7, 215

Class: Junior

’21-’22 Richmond Highlights: https://youtu.be/KzcDXZp56Sw

Statistical Insights: (17 Games Played)

Roles: Shooter, Rebounder, Finisher.

Key Skill Videos:

– 3pt Shooting:

– Assists + Turnovers:

– Defensive Fundamentals:


– Creates spacing at an above average level.

– Shooting volume is average, but very efficient with his touches.

– Average mobility for his size.

– Solid size for a wing at 6’7.

– Not an elite leaper by any means, but can finish above the rim powerfully off two feet.

– High offensive impact despite being mostly an off-ball player.


(+) Efficient 3pt shooter on average volume.

         – Picks his spots well, executes.

         – Off-catch mechanics look solid for the most part, has great                     moments off movement as well.

         – 42.2% from deep on 5.2 attempts per game.

         – Shoots a pretty ball with a high arc.

         – Capable enough P&P threat.

(+) Efficient around the rim. Good cutter.

         – Finishing ~70% around the rim.

         – Picks his spots well.

         – Has shown he can cut with purpose, leveraging his gravity well.

(+) Good defensive rebounder.

         – Committed to the glass on defense, crashes with purpose.

(-) Heavily reliant on others creating offense for him.

         – Lacks skillset needed to create advantages at an NBA level.

         – Does his best work off the ball, finishing plays rather than            creating them.

         – Some flashes of tough shot making.

(-) Average off-ball activity.

         – Could be far more active hunting his spots on the perimeter.

         – Relies on set actions more than off-ball creation to find open                  looks, would like to see more constant movement.

         – Standing upright too often, not always making himself a threat.

         – Good shooter off movement, strong upside here.

(-) Limited ball-handling ability to breakdown individual defenders.

         – Does not generate space or create advantages well.

         – Loose handle, can dribble into trouble too often.

         – Not a player I would want handling the ball outside of                            capitalizing on a bad closeout or breakdown.

         – Needs to clean up footwork in the post and in his off-catch                     attacks, travels too often and could sell his shot better.

(-) Limited defensive ability and versatility.

         – Slower first step defensively, limited in POA against guards.                    Just doesn’t give you much value, gives some up.

         – Gets beat off the dribble rather often, poor closeout technique.

         – Not strong or long enough to defend well up a position.

         – Lacks the explosiveness to generate events often.

 (-) Below average playmaker (with upside).

         – Does not often create for others often, mostly as a result of        lacking advantage creation skills (handle, athleticism).

         – However, there have been some impressive flashes off a live                 dribble on power plays that are very intriguing development points of emphasis that could help foster a larger global impact      offensively. He hits guys in their shooting pocket with ease.

         – Negative A:TO ratio for his career.

         – Lowly 5.7% AST% to 8.9% TOV%.

Bottom Line:

Burton can really shoot it well for his size and has some of the tools that the modern game covets in wing shooters. However, he needs to improve his off-ball creation, 3pt volume (especially, considering lacking ancillary offensive tools), and all-around defensive game if he wishes to stick in the NBA and differentiate himself from the others striving to fill that role. The defensive end is going to be a notable area to improve on, as it could make or break his potential NBA career.

He has upside as a passer when he can use his shooting gravity to break down a defense, as he may grow from those flashes of capitalizing on those breakdowns as he develops further. That will be a key skill for him to focus on in order to not become one-dimensional offensively, as shooters that can use their gravity to generate breakdowns and capitalize on that for others (rather than only finishing others’ breakdowns) are far more valuable.


– Worth looking at in the late second round, and definitely worth looking at for a Two-Way Deal.

– High-end outcome of a low rotation EWS role.