Trayce Jackson-Davis An NBA Draft Scouting Series – 5

With the 5th edition of our NBA Draft series we wanted to go with a potential that we know has the makings of a modern big in the works!

Trayce is a guy that we know has the gravitation to be a solid player with amazing low post play and defensive presence.


One thing off the bat that we want to gather your attention towards is that among a potential list of forward/centers coming out of college in the coming few seasons Trayce is the one lefty that has the potential to be able to play very ambidextrous.

Highlights and added ranking stats:

please take into account the number of games he so far has played while checking out the rankings delivered in orange above!

HeatMap of his last 5 games played:

Player Comparisons to keep in mind:

Keys to his game currently:

Trayce is as above mentioned a modern big in the making, the last 2 season has been a phase of on going development where he is learning a myriad of skills both offensively and defensively. He is a type of player that tries to play the sensible game based off of his body type.


As a junior in a top level college program, Jackson-Davis has acquired the skill of cutting early on in high school; with that said, since being in the Hoosiers program his court vision and understanding in spacing which have improved over the last 2 season has allowed him to understand the level of timing he has to play around with this skill set. Here is insight on how he currently plays as of the 21-22 season.


As mentioned previously as a big that is very ambidextrous Jackson-Davis brings a lot of upside in the paint. As much as he has comfort in finishing with the left as a lefty, his right hand finishing touches are equally strong and packs a punch. The level of post foot work he has on offense again stems from the fact that he early on in high school had the chance to develop a solid low post game and with the added bulk he has built over the last 2 years playing for Indiana his draft stock is on the rise.

One point that he could work on to improve would be to open up his game with a solid mid-range shot that could tremendously improve his game.

Traditional Center (TC)


-Great size.

-Places pressure on the rim at both ends.

-Limited defensive versatility.

-Excels at rebounding.

-Low FGA with a high FGM%.

Skill Set:

(+) Roller.

(+) Paint touch shots. (+) Setting screens. (+) Rebound position.

(-) Ball handling. (-) Passing ability.

(-) Low agility level.



In a similar way as he is offensively improving, defensively Jackson-Davis needs to understand the nuances of playing the paint with more poise and understanding where his strengths are. He needs to develop a much more keen sense of shot blocking as well as overall stopping bodies in the paint.


Overall view

Coached currently by Coach Woodson at Indiana University practicing day in day our against other bigs with the likes of Michael Durr and also learning that just being a big body is not going to get him a solid spot in the NBA is being engrained in Jackson-Davis, career trajectory-wise, he has a chance to make an impact in the NBA, however as a potential Traditional Center his presence in the Euroleague as well as the FIBA Basketball Champions League can be big too. We really hope that his draft stock climbs in the coming games and hope to see him in the NBA Draft!