Antoine Davis – An NBA Draft Scouting Series – 4

-New Year Special-

This scouting report is anything but special to us here at Advance Pro Basketball. Not only is this the 100th scouting report that we are publishing and marking the close of 2021. We wanted to make it a memorable one.

A few days ago with the Champagnie report we got a lot of heat stating “Curry-esque”. Following suit we wanted to dive nose first into another similar case and clarify things from the get go. Antoine Davis, a player that stands 6’1 in cm terms roughly 1,85 is an outlier just looking at him physically speaking already. This directly reminded us of a prospect that came out of Davidson carving a unique journey for himself and currently hit legend status playing in the league.

Obviously, Davis similar to you know who and has a similar skill set at the college level and already a solid 3&D player too.


Check out this short Highlight on Davis:

HeatMap of his last 5 games played:

Player Comparisons to keep in mind:

Key skill videos from this season, Statistical insights over the last 4 seasons, attributes across the first quarter of games (11) played and averaged:

A point to note out is that as a guard that can spread the court offensively Davis has serious shooting skills that comes with 1000s or reps day in day out. To us his actual value comes with the added fact that his WinShares as listed above really come out offensively as averaged out across the past 3 seasons and the current 11 games of this season he has played. Added to this when looking at his AST% and PProd numbers he is a statistical case of being a solid playmaking shooter.

High Usage Guard (HUG)
(likely where he will end up in the league)

-Scoring mentality and looks to be a ball dominate player.
-Is a secondary playmaker/lesser facilitator.
-High field goal attempts and low rebound numbers.
Skill Set:
(+) Creative multi-level scorer.
(+) Highly effective in PNR situations. (+) Above average 3pt shooter.
(+) Can consistently get into the lane and break down an opponent’s defense.
(-) Poor shot selection coupled with streaky shooting at times. (-) Limited defensive ability and versatility.


Catch and Shoot Defense:

Catch and Drive Defense:

Overall view

Being coached by his dad currently at Detroit Mercy (Mike Davis, former Indiana University, Hoosiers) Antoine is really seeing a major spike in his draft stock as we see it. A high volume scoring option, being able to create ISO as well as skilled enough at shooting all round at the college level he really can be a potent guard to enter the league. There are some down-sides to his game as mentioned in the AOIs where we hope he picks things up defensively. Once that happens with the level of court vision he possesses offensively and a more tuned defensive presence he no doubt can make a solid roster spot.