Julian Champagnie – An NBA Draft Scouting Series – 3

Since the mid 80s St. John’s has been a location from where the NBA has been seeing productive players come out of. Hard nosed, blue collar type players that simply grind day in & day out and with out excuse look at producing on both ends of the court. Champagnie, is the new generation big that has been the consistent Elite Shooting Wing that the Red Storm has turned to these past 2 full seasons and currently in his junior year.


Check out this short Highlight on Champagnie:

HeatMap of his last 5 games played:

Player Comparisons to keep in mind:

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Key skills, statistical insights, attributes across the last 11 games played and averaged:

Elite Shooting Wing (ESW)


-High volume shooter.

-Excellent at creating offensive spacing.

-Impacts the offensive positively with limited touches. (Active off ball movement)

-Less effective off the dribble than a HUG.

-High amount of 3pt attempts with low turnovers.

Skill Set:

(+) 3pt shooting

(+) Constant off-ball threat that always draws a lot of defensive attention.

(+) Purposeful movement without the ball.

(-) Limited ball-handling ability to breakdown individual defenders.

(-) Heavily reliant on others creating offense for them.

Based on the above as well as the legacy that St. John’s has produced, Chris Mullin is possibly the best comparison that can be sought out.


Catch and Drive Defense:

Catch and Shoot Defense:

Overall view

Champagnie, is not a shot creator but more of a spot up shooter when set plays allow his production to be pushed out of him. In terms of physical attributes: Measured 6’6.5” Barefoot, 6’7.5” in shoes 8’10.5” standing reach, 217.4 lbs, and 6’10.0” wingspan at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine. If he would develop and work somewhat more on his athleticism and explosiveness he could pull up his draft stock by a whole bunch. As mentioned above while he is not a shot creator also coming off screens to take shots is an area that offensively he could better.

If his development does spike in the right direction he can end up being a two way player that can defend both wing positions with ease. Offensively aside from turning into that Elite shooting Wing finishing at the rim once developed can place him in a whole new category.