Ochai Agbaji – An NBA Draft Scouting Series – 2

With the second in our series, we were digging through a very well equipt player that could emulate their inner Stephen Curry-esque skills to be able to be seen on court. Ochai Agbaji fits that bill pretty well. Originally from Nigeria, his father moved to Missouri at a young age to make a better life for himself.


Check out this short 5 min. Highlight on Agbaji:

HeatMap of his last 5 games played:

Player Comparisons to keep in mind:

Some key statistical insights across the last 10 games played and averaged:

As player type Agbaji falls under the following High Usage Guard (HUG) as dubbed by Eric Stang with a few anomalies.

Attributes that jump out are:

(+) Creative multi-level scorer.
(+) Highly effective in PNR situations.
(+) Above average 3pt shooter.
(+) Can consistently get into the lane and break down an opponent’s defense.
(-) Poor shot selection coupled with streaky shooting at times.
(-) Limited defensive ability and versatility.

Skill set that such players carry are:

  • Primary offensive option.
  • Alpha mentality.
  • Elite/Versatile Scorer.
  • High usage rate – this might be a bit of an anomaly in Agbaji’s case.
  • High points on a lot of FG attempts.

Key to His Game – 3PT Shooting:


Transition Defense

The way we see it Agbaji as a senior should have a better grip of being able to sus out the defensive end of the game playing for a high calibre program like Kansas. With that being said, when looked at from an overall possessional stand, the number of possessions alone are not that many however it still causes concern the way we see it that need development and work in terms of decision making skills.

Unforced Turnovers

Again as a senior guard on the Kansas team, there are those plays that he simply just needs to be better at carrying out. When a player of his offensive prowess has the type of turnovers its a loss of offensive force for the program and the on court.

Overall view

Agbaji is a player that has skills that can easily translate to the pro level. He for sure can find a spot in the NBA with his skill set. At present with the physical attributes that he has with his height 6’5.5″ (6’10” wingspan) and weight 214 lbs he is one of those players that can force Jaden Ivey’s draft stock to wavier. As a potential comparison we see Agbaji as a mixture between Stephen Curry and Tim Hardaway Sr.