Ian Granja – International youth development talent

We recently have been tracking several key youth development teams across Europe. Since last year Ian Granja who was playing for Barcelona’s U18 team has moved to the Czech Republic to Get Better Academy. We recently had a look at the Young Guns Invitational 2021 edition and dove deep into Granja’s positive sides as well as areas he needs to develop further.

Looking at the basics of Granja are as follows:

Granja is a very unique and versatile player to say the least.

He does not fill any conventional position but more a mix between a Skilled Forward and a Versatile Role Player.

To verify based on what a maestro of scouting Eric Stang (as verified in the 3rd edition of his book Scouting Techniques book) would classify it as Granja combines the following attributes:

Below average playmaker. Ability to create spacing is average. Average defensive rebounder, but excellent offensive rebounder. Highly versatile defender. Average in multiple offensive areas. Not effective ball-handling. Low usage rate on offense. But he also carries some of the following too; Size with the ability to shoot, pass and handle the ball. Skilled at attacking defensive close-outs. Can be used in various offensive action. High % of certain 3pt makes and assists.

here is a mix of Granja’s performance during the Young Guns Invitational 2021 edition

To provide some added depth to his game, as mentioned in part above he is a Low offensive USG% ball user he only averaged 28% across the five games he played during the whole tournament and 60,4% True Shooting and 47,5% eFG percentages. Efficiency-wise we like his perspective and decision making nonetheless.

Here is a heatmap of the five games he played:

Granja managed to deliver an average 4,8 FG Made per game across 5 games!

To further bolster his situation when looking at his overall trajectory the following comparisons are not too far off when looked at closer by:

With so many positive points listed all above its also vital for us to point out the development areas that Granja needs to undertake in our opinion.

In terms of critically looking into Granja’s game, please have look at this table:

possessions he has allowed and points that have been scored across 5 games!

While it does not seem like a lot it indicates a tiny lack of defensive mindset that we feel to have uncovered in his game.

To give you further insight:

As a final point of development while its not at alarming rate the type of turnovers that Granja seems to get are some what repetitive and cause for concern, with more experience and decision making work these usually iron themselves out however as a young and talented player these type of tangibles need to be controlled often and seen as below:

Overall insight

Ian Granja is a top level talent that will get NBA level eyeballs on him as his career propels him towards the higher echelon of basketball. We firmly believe that with the amount of hard work being put in and the level of talent this Spanish player has its going to be fun to keep track of him and where he lands in a few years time.