Marlou De Kleijn – A pure talent from The Netherlands

Originally from Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, this amazing player is a kind of player you want on your team day in day out. Hard work ethic, family orientated and more than anything dedicated to the game. Marlou De Kleijn (29) is currently the top scorer of the Dutch Women’s Basketball League (WBL) playing for 4Consult Binnenland out of Barendrecht (currently placed in 4th place in the WBL).

This is a brief insight into her current season we dug shortly into and what she brings to the table.

We also wanted to share some improvement areas that she could possibly work on to get better as the season progresses.


Heat chart over the last 5 games she has played (06.11 – 11.12)

A top notch scorer across the whole court

Advanced Stats across the last 11 games played

Check out the USG% that Marlou De Kleijn has played with on average and how she has preformed in W/L situations across the games!

Highlights across this season

Rankings in the league

#16 in Plus Minus with +106

#44 in Net Rating with 14.28

Areas of improvement

Two key areas we see in her defensive play that Marlou can improve on are playing the transition and the catch and shoot type of plays.

Given the pace and the physicality of the WBL both areas are some of the toughest to guard across the league no doubt, however as a top scoring player when Marlou would be able to improve in these to areas her overall game as a two way player would highly likely allow her to be a much better overall player.


Catch and Shoot

Overall impact

Without a doubt Marlou De Kleijn is a top notch player. She consistently puts in the work and makes sure to get involved on both ends of the floor for her team. If we were to compare her currently she easily is a comp player to Esther Fokker playing in Germany in the DBBL 2, the further likes of Debora Dubei playing in Hungary and also to Jane Svilberg playing in Estonia. She has the type of fire power and the strength that really can propel her to play at top levels of where ever she feels a good fit. One area that is largely overlooked in her abilities is the fact that she is a tremendous inside passer and can thread the needle with ease. Added with a soft mid range touch she even reminds us a lot of early days of Işıl Alben while she played for Galatasaray winning back to back Turkish women’s basketball league championships.