From Nigeria to UCLA – The journey of Adem Bona (so far)…

The first time we came to know of Bona was when we saw him playing for the Turkish NT program youth development teams. Back at that point we saw the raw potential that the coaching legend Türkay Çakıroğlu had seen in him by bringing this young prodigy over from Nigeria to Turkey to play the game.

Fast Forward a few years or tireless training getting better, reps and tournaments down the line playing for the Turkish NT program and playing club ball in Turkey, Bona ended up at Karşıyaka (pro club of Izmir, Turkey). He gets contacted by Prolific Prep, one of the well established Prep school programs in the US.

We recently have been informed that Bona has committed to playing for UCLA and confirmed per his IG post:

This season in 4 games check out what Adem has been up to here:

For some further info please check the scouting we compiled on Adem Bona below:


Comparisons to other players

Some Advanced Stats from 4 games played for Prolific Prep:

Improvement Areas Bona can work on:

There are two areas that we have firgured out we wanted to share with you based on the 4 games that Bona played for Prolific Prep:

Cut Defense:

We know that Bona is a developing big how ever given the amount of minutes played and the NT level progress, the expectation and basketball court vision and IQ level could be better used by him, with cut defensive actions forcing your opponent to play the direction you are angled towards is primary objective. Bona can definitely do this better. Considering that he will be playing college ball he needs to pick this up quick!

Catch And Shoot Defense

As an agile big man Bona for sure has quickness but being consistently present to contest shots and making sure to have a hand in the face and how this will translate at college level is also an added key that needs work.

Overall view

Adem Bona physically as well as mentally looks ready for the college game and has minor tweaks that need adjustment to his game. As an all-round player we like what he brings and at UCLA no doubt he can thrive in an atmosphere that can build him up. We will be gladly keeping our eyes peeled and watching and analyzing his game further.