From D2 to a Euroball star – the journey of Keshun Sherrill (TED Kolej, Ankara) TBL (2nd leaggue Turkey)

Its safe to say that former Augusta standout Keshun Sherrill has been nothing but prolific and hard working throughout his journey overseas so far.

This season Sherrill is playing for TED Kolej, Ankara a team that is competing in the Turkish 2nd League and has been struggling to find their bearings. They have only won 4 out of their first 10 games but at no cost of having the shining star been shown in the dim light whatsoever.

Just in the last game played against (4th of Dec., 2021) Sherrill blew up for 37 points and only had 1 turnover the entire +35 minutes of play time he got.

37 point scored against (click on the image to watch all 15 successful short made!)

Here is a brief look at his profile:

Similar players compared to:

Some attributes that make him standout:

Sherrill has a terrific type of shot mechanics in place that can make him score the ball. His court vision is if not as elite as it can get. To a point we would compare him even further to Isaiah thomas (former celtics, guard).

Overall Trajectory

Sherrill has the potential to be able to make a jump to a solid 1st league team playing overseas for sure. He has showed that he is able to push that level in the past while playing for FIBA Europe Cup level teams like Den Bosch (Netherlands). With his efficiency in scoring the offensive side of his game is very much what carries over the positive notes. Once his defensive skill set which is beyond ordinary (he has been stealing the ball at 0.64 steals per game this season, on track to reach his average of 1.18 from last season) there is no doubt in our minds that we are looking at a potential Euroball standout. Simply put when all roads lead to Rome, there is no better way than to call it what it is for such a talent. Amazing!

Highlights of Keshun Sherrill (compiled by APB)