BONZIE COLSON II – Scouting Insight by Cihan Gündüz

Advance Pro Basketball has always been a safe heaven for any coach, analyst or scout that is seeking for an outlet as long as it falls in our guidelines of analysis.

Recently an amazing young coach Cihan Gündüz working for the youth development department of Pınar Karşıyaka shared a scouting insight on none other than Bonzie Colson II playing consequently for the Pro team of the same club.

We felt the need to publicly share his scouting insight in hopes it inspires and pushes others to share their material with us as well.


Current Season Shooting Insight:

Primary Skill Set

A video breakdown of his overall game by Cihan Gündüz:

A short comparison list:

based on analysis powered by InStat

Overall scouting insight: