Blaz Mesicek – A Slovenian sensation – Was he the next Ginobilli?

Blaz, Mesicek was a beyond the average youth development talent that came out of Slovenia, like many others he too had an interest in sports that stemmed first from football (soccer) that later turned on into basketball.

Back in 2015 Blaz was dubbed to be the next Ginobilli after a seriously good U18 tournament that he played for the Slovenian NT. This piece is a bit of an exploration of what this player has been up to so far as we take a look at his career progress and also see where his skills have been taking him so far.

He has a current wingspan of 2,07cm! for a Left handed shooter that is pretty solid!

compiled based on career data and insight so far!

Video insight of Blaz

Overall Impression

Blaz has turned out to be a solid two way player. His offensive and defensive skills have allowed him to thus far utilize a level of play that can propel him to Euroleague levels for sure. As far that the comparison to Ginobilli, we do see how this left handed player could have been deemed the next big thing however all players are unique in their own player ache-types.