Borislava Hristova Scouting Report by Kemal Serhat Kahraman

Borislava Hristova Scouting Report by Kemal Serhat Kahraman

Hello everyone, today I am sharing Bulgarian women’s basketball’s rising star Borislava Hristova’s Eurocup and Eurobasket highlights, hoping you like it.

Borislava Hristova is a player of Enea Gorzow, her position is guard/shooting guard and she is 1.81. Her jersey is blue/white and number 45 in the past season, now 7.

She played college basketball at Washington State in her and now, has been professionally playing for two years. Also, she plays for her national team (Bulgaria) as a key player.

You can see her career stats in this paragraph.

When looking at her InStat analysis provided on the platform, we can see she is more of an assist oriented player since her last season. She was more inclined to previously seek her shot but this seems to have changed more to the positive side, she plays like a leader in this season. I added her stats here.

When we come to the her finishing attributes, she can finish with her left attack high percentage than the her’s right attack. Ofcourse she can finish on the right attack but I think, she is more comfortable when she dribbles to the left. Also she can finish with pull-up both sides, this is very good alternative and solution for the opponent PnR defense.

In the PnR handler positions, she is thinking lay-up more than pass to the roller. Yes, she is great finisher but this pushed her team to the easy stoppable in the past season. In this year, she gives more passes to the centers and we can see this on her stats. I see her improvement and I add some clips inside the “Assists”

subject. You can see her court view and this is so impressive clip for me.

She is good shooter and she add step back three point on this summer. I add Borislava’s shooting chart, you can look that too.

Also, I add some cuts videos in the last minutes of the highlights video. She is so smart player and this causes easy point for her team.

This is my Borislava Hristova edit and I told you with my broke English, sorry for that, hope you like it.