Alihan Demir (BC Balkan Betovgrad) – Standing out in Bulgaria

A former Drexel & University of Minnesota Alum, Alihan Demir, spent 3 seasons in the NCAA and is a very versatile forward with immense potential ahead of his budding pro career. Originally from Ankara, Turkey. Where he played youth development basketball for the staple that is Maliye Milli Piyango (till 2015). During his NCAA journey, he was a pretty solid prospect that could have easily transitioned to playing in the G-League if he were to stay in the US.

Check out his career progression stats here:

What we love the most about his skillset overall is that he is a solid two way player and more and more from having seen him especially during the playtime he got across the Turkish BSL has been the fact that defense is a key focal point for him where we can see major growth in his game.

please see how solid his defensive skill set can potentially lift up his overall gameplay from the above-rated set!




Rebounding (Off. & Def.)

Defense (incl steals, blocks, deflections overall zone, and 1on1 positioning):

With the physical attributes that Demir holds and the prospective nature of his game still maturing in terms of Euroball the NCAA background that he has managed to use as an anchor has made him a very offensively aware player. As a primary defender he by far can shine in any limelight case he’s thrown into.

Career FG shooting percentages based on 183 games played

In a further insight that can be seen from Alihan’s playtype breakdown:

good to note that while offensively his inside-out play stands out defensively speaking the fact that as a forward he can defend the catch and shoot at high volume is a major key in his further maturing game!


The fact that as a player Alihan took the decision to play in a league where his individual growth can progress at a much higher pace is very interesting to see. Overall, his development to this point has been nothing but stellar, and without the question of a doubt, he will be a long-time asset in terms of Euroball standards as well as for the Turkish NMT program.