Roger Moute A Bidias – to the BNXT League

It has been a wild ride so far for Roger Moute A Bidias, originally from Cameroon, the 95 born player has had a less bumpy ride playing in the NCAA off the bench of Cal, making it to the Santa Cruz Warriors and very recently playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

With our owner Mr. Duran reaching out to his contacts in the US, after a short couple of calls to find out more about Bidias, little was it certain at the start of the BNXT League season and so much so that Bidias was even going to be able to make the cut with regards to signing with a BNXT League team. However opportunity arose and Amsterdam Apollo reached out and made inquires and managed to secure the services of this player for the 21-22 BNXT League season.

As a stretch forward that can play both the 3 and 4 spots Bidias has the range and ability to lock down many players at various positions however when it comes to the offense that is where his strong suits really come about. Not only is Bidias versatile enough that he can play off the dribble but he can also create a lot of his own shots when needed.

check out this insight across the last 10 games he played back in the G-League here:

In terms of his skill set check this rating scale out based on a coverage of all his games played since college till the end of the 19-20 GLeague season:

The fit with Apollo Amsterdam

Since the start of the brand new BNXT League season the team out of Amsterdam had a bit of a rough start but had some very interesting talent with the likes of Tibor Taras (who spent last season at Bayer Giants Leverkussen, coached by former German NT member and NBA player Hansi Gnad). With the addition and the likes of Matthias Run (former St. Bona. player) returning captain and big Berend Weijs and Sergio Randamie and added talents like Justin Mitchell. They are shaping out to be a very interesting player group to say the least. With a key element on the floor that they did need a solid gap to be filled Bidias comes in at the 3/4 spot and can make huge impact to improve the stance of Apollo (currently in 4th place 22nd October 2021) with 3W and 3Ls.

Bidias as mentioned above offensively has the tools to create for himself but one major key that does and will likely stand out more than anything else are going to be iso defensive situations

Not only does Bidias commit to protecting the rim but also does he contest shots and allows for exterior and interior defensive presence to be felt where he picks players up. In part, his level of athletism will bring a much-needed boost to the Amsterdam team.

With up and coming games against the domestics Dutch side reigning leaders Leiden (1st as of 22nd October 2021) and tough nut to crack Aris Leeuwarden (currently 6th place as of 22nd October 2021) they have a tough couple of games.

Bidias for sure will make an impact with his experience and challange the young core of players that Apollo Amsterdam is looking at improving.

We wish him the best for the rest of the season and hope that he can use this opportunity as a superb opportunity for himself.