How the Knicks won in 2OT

The 21-22 NBA season is upon us and it looks like it will not disappoint.

Post corona the intentions and the expectations of the New York Knicks as they brought in a solid bunch of players onto the core from last season was very intriguing to see.

Coach Thibs obviously a mastermind at potentially shaking up things and finding a balance of offense and defense for the Knicks did manage to pull off an amazing feat.

check out some of the following insight:

While the evidence of productivity has by far gone up, its also very much the cast that new comers Walker and Fornier along side Randle really decisively put their feet down to be able to make things work.

When we look at the top lineup that really did some of the most impactful damage to the Celtics in this 2OT victory we see the trio that above have really impacted the team pretty much.

Check out this video: Knicks top scoring for the game were (Fournier, Walker, Barrett, Randle and Robinson with a collective -6 efficiency but scoring 16 FG across the whole game)

Overall I have a bit higher expectations going into the 21-22 NBA season with the Knicks now having seen the level of urgency, the productive creation, and is there. I distinctly feel that defensively if the player group does pull together and make a concise effort to protect the ball as well as handle possible 50/50 and deflections relatively this team could be a threat out of the East.


Keep an eye out on us as we have some fun things in store for this season!