Hello everyone, I prepared my next scouting report on 98’ born Canadian-Austrian guard Aislinn Konig with 2020-2021 Season Highlights. Let’s first take a look at her last two season Stats, as seen on the left.

When we look at the Pick and Roll situations she gets into, Aislinn is a good handler and we can see this from the shared highlights. She has a tendency to play off a screen to the opponent’s left side, and plays Pick and Roll with the Roller or goes to the rim. If the screen comes to the opponent’s right side, she takes a 3 point shot very often.

Aislinn is a good 3 shooter and she chooses her 3 Points against the dribble ability with care. While I was watching her games, the commentator said: ” I didn’t know she can drive because we see her shooting all the time” This is the best explanation for her offensive abilities. She doesn’t like going to the rim a lot. She finishes her dribble moves with step-back 3 point shots, pull-up shots, lay-ups are a rarity for her to use. I included her shooting chart for you all to see too. I also wanted to express the following: she can play Coast to Coast, which ended with Pull-Up.

Aside from the finishing ability, Aislinn is a great passer.. When the opposing team brings help for situations where rollers are involved or against her drives, she can find the helper’s match-up easily and that means an easy 2 points for her team.

Sometimes, Aislinn plays Post-Up against her match-up. I found some possessions portraying this, she is stronger than the other guards and her coach can use this ability of her’s which she can improve further. I think Aislinn has good potential to be a Post-Up player and be versatile even more than she is now.

I can’t say she is one of the best defenders in European women’s basketball, she has a tendency to give her full energy on offense furthermore she has got a good drive defensively and good knack to steal the ball, (2 steals per game) take a look at her defensive clips through the highlights

I’d like to finish my report with her Career stats. I hope she continues her development.