Hello everyone, with this scouting report my focus was on 98′ born Spanish Power Forward Irati Etxarri Munarriz’s highlights from the last season. To kick things off let’s first have a look atIrati’s last two season’s stats. You can see her improvement through the following chart below:

Irati had 9.25 Points, 4.5 Rebounds, 1.5 assists on average as you can see. Also, I added her Shooting Chart below the stats. She hasn’t got 3 points ability, if she would add some of the 3 Pts to her current style of play she likely could be unstoppable, Itari can pass her match-up with her drive easily. She is extremely strong off the dribble and Cadi la Seu combo provides a Pin-Down play for Itari’s 1v1 offense. She is so fast against her match-ups at her position so her coaches use this ability a lot. You can see her dribble clips and her team’s Pin Down actions in the Highlights.

I think Irati’s best ability is her basketball IQ. Of course, every player needs a basketball IQ, but she as a Power Forward, as extraordinary court vision on both sides of the court. Her ability to make backdoor cuts look so easy, playing Hi-Lo with centers, seeing passing lines, seeing cuts, etc. These are solid gold abilities for her team.

At the post-up, she seals very well. She can take balls and finish with a high percentage in the paint. She is not a conventional Post-up player, she does not have a strong low post-game. For most of her Post Up’s finishes, she prefers Mid-Range shots. She comes in with a one-step and fades away from her matchup with one or two dribbling and finishes. She can make a hook but not a quality look most of the time. You can see that in the video too. Also, I included her Shooting chart here.

She has good athleticism and we can see that jump out on her offensive rebounds and blocks. She has a great Steal average for her size, again embedded in her athletic abilities. She jumps very well and this helps. Also, you can see her Fastbreak possessions in the Highlights.

She is a good Pick and Roll defender, when Irati plays a show-up, turns immediately to her match up and any PnR handler can’t give a pass to roller easily. When they switch, she can stay on against the handler with her athleticism and long arms. Sometimes, she is prone to be late when the handler goes in for a Pull-Up but if she can stay up against such players, she can block or deter shots. Furthermore, Irati is also good at the Help. I collected her PnR defense clips in the video for you.

I think Spanish Power Forward is developing amazingly well. Good luck to her with her career, we hope she, keep’s going!