Efe Tahmaz – A Turkish prospect in Serbia

Four seasons ago Efe Tahmaz took the plunge to leave his native land of Turkey to go to Serbia to improve on his skills and grow as a basketball player. Back then everybody close to him said that he was taking a step in the right direction.

Over the last 4 seasons, Efe Tahmaz has been a part of the infamous Partizan youth development program and is currently a player that is under the agency of BeoBasket.

Here are some notes that we compiled about this player:

A solid shooter for his size, he also has solid mechanics.

Has a very good dribbler (with both hands)

Solid finishing moves close to the rim

Very good court vision

Skilled at transition plays offensive and defensively

has a knack for having eyes on the ball while rebounding

Wide wing-span allows any five he plays with to spread the floor, allow for Efe to cause deflections on shot and also deter wide passes around him.

Its good to note that Efe is currently only 17 years old and he still is developing. With the level he has reached over the last 4 years and numerous accolades its only a matter of him getting the right opportunity to keep on developing further.

Check out the highlights of his game play here: