NBA Summer League performances after the first few games on some names:

The NBA Finals, over. The NBA Draft also over. Next in line the Summer League. All too naturally we are keeping track of some of the outstanding scoring and overall performances.

Our first name that we have been looking at has been Dakota Mathias:

2021 Summer League scoring across the first few games:

Emanuel Terry, a seasoned veteran from Europe has also been doing his own thing at the Summer League (2021)

Here are highlights of his scoring during the Summer League 2021:

Third in line in terms of scoring performance that has caught our eye has been, MaCio Teague

Here are highlights of Teague’s scoring capabilities during the Summer League (2021):

Last but defnitely not least is Omer Faruk Yurtseven, he just got confirmed as a new player for the Miami Heat for the 21-22 season:

Here are extensive highlights of his scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and defense across the Summer League 2021: