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Berke Buyuktuncel – a video scouting and insight report


A 2004 born big that has been developing in the youth development system of Tofaş (Bursa) has been shining at the FIBA U18 Challanger games currently being played in Konya, Turkey.

A lefty and calling him as a power forward is an understatement. He is a very versatile big and can guard multiple positions and can distrupt the defense with a wide range of moves and shots.

We even safely assume that with his growing size he potentially could be a big that plays similar to Ersan Ilyasova (NBA).

When looking at Berke’s shooting chart ranging across 40 games that have been analyzed through InStat:

Berke has a projected Draft of hitting the 2025 NBA Draft, till that point we strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on him.

Here is a brief video scouting insight on his game: