Samet Yiğitoğlu – a basketball prodigy from Beşiktaş Basketball (Turkey)

At the beginning of the 20-21 season Beşiktaş overhauled its roster and also managed to grab a bunch of players from the Anatolian powerhouse club that shut down (Banvit Bandırma Spor).

Beşiktaş has in the middle of the past season stumbled upon a player called Samet Yiğitoğlu, currently 17 years old (2004) that originally hails from Kayseri, Turkey.

The techical staff at Besiktas as well as the youth development department of the club have extremely high hopes for this player and at 2.16cm with solid hand, eye coordination stands a good chance to make an NBA splash in the near future.

Check him out here:

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