nora wentzel scouting report by Ali Ovacık


scouting report

by Ali Ovacık

GUARD of a Top level


  • HEIGHT: 178 CM
  • POSITION: 1,2
  • YEAR OF BORN: 2001

Her PnR defense is very successful, if there is no special tactical situation, she is making over constantly and may be aggressive. She can often strike fouls in these positions.

  • She is very successful on reading counterpart information and defense in defense.
  • Her most important feature in defense is to get an offensive foul.
  • Her 1 * 1 defense is successful, she can stay in the opposite of the F / C guy.
  • She can make pressured defense.
  • She knows the switch defense very well.
  • PnR defense is where she is the best on defense.
  • She is very successful in full field after rebound in attack.
  • Her rebound intuition and skill is high.
  • Her going to the circle is seriously successful and she has the ability to make strong finishes.
  • She can make a serious contribution to her team in defensive rebounds.

PnR Ball Handler


  • PnR basketball is her strongest aspect.
  • She is successful in early attacks and can create position after early PnR.
  • In these positions, she can read the weak-side defense and uses the assist side.
  • She can play strong on both sides.
  • She can read the PnR defense very accurately and make her choices correctly.
  • She can read the reverse side spacing in PnR attacks very accurately and perform the pass rotation successfully.
  • She experiences hit stability in PnR pull up positions.
  • Being young and being aware of this deficiency does not create a big problem for the future.
  • At the end of the period or 24 second, she plays the 1 * 1 very accurately and successfully in the open field without screen.
  • She attacks the switch defense very accurately in PnR attacks, she is very successful in scoring positions.
  • Her reverse side defense knowledge and rotation knowledge are high level.
  • Her stop the ball defense knowledge and physical strength are very successful.

Strengths on Offense (+)

  • She can play single guard.
  • She is more effective in the shooting guard position.
  • The periods when she played number three are too many.
  • Being young and having high energy can cause her to play in every position in short rotations on the attack side.
  • Although she does not use the outside shot much, according to a 20-year-old player, her use and accuracy of 32% seems to be a situation she can improve and be successful in the future.

• She can be very aggressive in the defence.

• She can make switch in PnR defences.

• She can stay in the defence without leaning screen and doing under.

• She can stay 6-8 seconds behind the number 5 and she can defend aggressively and efficiently.

• She can make very succesful passes to the in-side zone.

Strengths on Offense (-)

• She has problems being productive when she is not playing guard.

• She is not efficient when defended by aggressive defense.

• Her pull up shots are weak in PnR attacks.


She has to decide what she wants to be as a position as soon as possible.

Is she number 2, single guard or shooting guard in a double guard system? she should solve this.

Having high energy on the field, being mature and taking responsibility despite her young age, reflecting this as a performance on the field is one of her most important features.

If she determines the pullup shot and position and develops herself in this direction, she will be one of the important shorts in European basketball.

Her education in Hungary, which is a basketball school, and taking serious time in the league made important contributions to her development.

We will see if there is a chance for Wnba in the future, but she will definitely be on the radar of the competing teams in the Euroleague.

Her spacing basketball and orientation preferences are very successful in transition attacks and early PNRs, which are the most important feature of modern basketball. She will be among the more important players when she is more stable and stronger in this regard.

Her biggest problem is when she plays as the only guard under pressure, she is having trouble in the half court.

She must definitely improve her relationship with the ball, this seems to be among her serious shortcomings.

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