Feray Laiç – Emlak Konut KBGL player – Scouting Report by Ilayda Şensoy

Feray Laiç

Scouting Report


Ilayda Şensoy

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Feray is a promising player for Turkish basketball. Her performance was remarkable at the first season of KBGL.

Here is a highglight of Feray’s performance:

Here is Feray’s statistics in 9 games:

As it can be seen, rebounds are her powerful side. She is an excellent rebound follower, especially in offensive rebounds. After every shot, she remains quite dynamic around the paint. Thanks to this dynamism, putbacks look easy in her perspective. Her putback percent is 26.7% among her playtypes which is her number one playtype.

The other thing she’s strong at is cuts. Most of her finishings come with a cut. She reads the game very well and makes her moves wisely. Thus, she is always in the right place at the right time. Her cut percent is 22.2% which includes lay-ups, floaters and hooks.

Besides, she is a very effective roller at pick and roll offense. She rolls both sides equally and finishes efficiently. In addition, she is good at post moves as well. Various finishing skills with both hands are in her repertoire. In addition to these offensive skills, she should improve herself at mid-range shots. After that, she will be at another level.

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