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Zoe Wadoux Scouting report by Ali Ovacık

Zoe Wadoux Scouting report by Ali Ovacık


PnR Ball Handler: +

PnR Ball Handler: –

Strengths on Offense (+)

• Her 1* 1 finishing precision is top notch. • She reads PnR defense and uses pull-up shots with a high percentage. • In some cases, she can be in the guard position (the team’s shorts take responsibility when they are under pressure)

Player Profile: •  She is one of the five most important players in French basketball in the 2001 generation. In 2018, she also took serious responsibilities in the fiba world cup and performed successfully on the way to the final. This proved her game in the European championships. Although some of the injuries she has experienced cause serious problems in her development, it is difficult to be a player who is not given so much responsibility and gives up in the country with basketball school. She fascinated the audience with the basketball she played at every opportunity and her stance on the court by not avoiding taking responsibility. If the injuries she suffered were not a problem in her development, she clearly showed that the 2nd and 3rd position in European basketball will be among the top 5 players in the next 10 years. The Wnba gate will definitely open in 5 seasons, we can predict that she will be permanent in Wnba when she eliminates the problem of strength and physical athletics. The fact that she wants Transition games and Early PnR shots very comfortably from modern basketball and this feature is her greatest talent makes her different from the others. Her effort not to be one of the players who only shoot and score points has been perceived very clearly by the audience this season.

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