Reka Dombai scouting report by Ali Ovacık

Reka Dombai

scouting report


Ali Ovacık


U16 national team hungary

U18 national team Hungary

U20 national team Hungary


Vasas Akademia II (HUN)‎

Uni Gyor Mely-Ut (HUN)

Pick’n’rolls handler ++

  • Her pull up shots are very successful.
  • Her PnR spacing half court basketball IQ is very high.
  • She plays high accuracy on early PnR shots.
  • Her percentage of catch and shot in PnR attacks is very high.

3pt Range:

  • She plays catch and shoot with high percentage accuracy (%47).
  • Her off screen shots are the strongest and most stable side. She plays with 69% accuracy.
  • 3 pt is her most frequently used and most trusted feature.
  • She does not hesitate to use early shots in early attacks.

Shooting mid-range:

  • Pull up mid-range shots are one of the features she trusts.
  • The most important feature of her mid-range shots is reading the defense and her shooting preferences and the fact that she played with 50% shooting accuracy in this position made her one of the most important shooters in European basketball.

Free Throws:

  • Her draw foul rate skill is not too much.
  • It is very important that she makes free throws with 83% but as she doesn’t get into foul-taking contacts too much, she scores (1.30 / 1.80 72) points per match.


  • She initiates rapid attack with ball but she is not very brisk on fast break or transition attacks without the ball.
  • The percentage of scoring is very low (19%) due to her low pace in fast attack startings without the ball.


  • When the guards are under pressure, she can play in guard position.
  • She prefers early PnR attacks and uses early shots.
  • She uses the advantages of her young age by staying on the field for a long time.
  • She can stay on the field for long periods of time and she can be efficient.
  • The fact that she came to play from the infrastructure and took serious time gave her very serious maturity on the field.

On-Ball Defense:

• Ball defense and pace in F / C in one of the positions where she has a problem. She may have serious tempo problems in defense. • She always prefers to stay buried 1.5 steps in defense of semi-field players.

P&R Defensive: She prefers to do Under and can be successful in defense of PnR with 41% throughout the season. She prefers to go to alternative solutions in collective player defense. This is one of the most important features that she should develop.

Overall Outlook: — • She has problems in defense situations.  She needs to improve her weakness in mass player defense. • She avoids contact basketball. • He doesn’t prefer to be too much in rebound positions. The reason for this is that she does not want to be in contact there.

Overall Outlook ++ She is among the best shooters of her generation . * She plays catch and shot or pull up with very high accuracy. * She has the feature of going to the circle when it is defended very closely. * Her basketball and spacing on the attack knowledge are high level. * Reka, one of the most important shooter players trained by Hungarian basketball, will seriously close the deficit (the number 3 player problem) in European basketball in the upcoming periods. She has short post-up finishes. She can start the game from the short corner according to tactical preferences.

Personality: * She is a player that will solve the problem of shooter and steering shooter forward, which are lacking numerically and in terms of efficiency in European basketball. • Her Wnba chance will be decisive in her performance in Europe. • As soon as she works and removes her weakness in defense, she will become a much more special player. • She will definitely show herself at the Euroleague level. • She  reminiscent of Anna Dabovic’s style of play.   It is her greatest chance that she is a Euroleague women-level shooter, has knowledge of the game and comes from the basketball school.

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