Klara Lundquist – Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık



  • 2015-2016 Sweden u16 national team finished the tournament with 27.5 times 17.5 points – 7.6 rebounds 0.5 assists.
  • 2016-2017 Sweden u 18 national team finished the tournament with 22.5 times 14.4 points 7.4 rebounds 0.1 assists.
  • 2017-2018 (the season in which her career debuted and she started to work and pay for her shortcomings)
  • Sweden u 18 national team finished the season with averages of 26 minutes, 16 points, 7.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists.
  • With 2018-2019 Sweden u 20 national team and Sodertalje she finished the season with averages of 26 minutes 12.1 points 4.8 rebounds 3.4 assists and she started to attract the attention of European basketball.
  • 2019-2020 BLMA finished the season with averages of 15 games 12 minutes 3.5 points 1.6 rebounds 1.1 assists.
  • 2020-2021 ALVİK 32 games, 34 minutes, 21.6 points 6.7 rebounds 6.9 assists 3.5 turnover.


  • She attracted attention at the European championship in 2016, playing mostly as finishing guard at that time, Klara started to be shown among the most important players of her country by developing her guiding side in the following seasons.
  • In this system where Swedish basketball and country culture see basketball as a game and entertainment, many players, in which she developed and trained her players, trained many potential players in national leagues, Nba, Wnba leagues.
  • The fact that Klara, who carries the genetic makeup of her country, always remains cool and calm on the field, ensures that her position always remains in the event.
  • The fact that she meets the most important demands (especially directing, allocation and power) in guard positions at a high level is also due to the fact that she carries Swedish genes intensively.
  • In 2016-2017, Klara, whose biggest deficiency was the assist side, made this part suitable for modern basketball with correct training and repetition.
  • The fact that she was able to overcome this deficiency in a short time and be successful seriously in national teams paved the way for her to Europe.
  • Klara, who transferred to BLMA from the France teams in the 2019-2020 season, revealed her basketball that she can manage when the rotation takes time in the Euroleague and the challenging league of France.
  • After one season, Klara who returned to basketball in Alvik, which is one of the Swedish teams, had a very special season in here.
  • We can predict that she will be one of the important guards of European Basketball.
  • Her game style is LİNDSAY WHALEN style, with stable and correct development, she will be one of the important guards in the new term of European basketball and bring her national team to a serious level.
  • She will be the most successful player and career player after Frida / Elin Eldebrink siblings, who are trained by Sweden basketball and who played in many teams in Europe and became successful.
  • She will become a much more popular player once she reaches the Wnba pace and strength by improving her missing shot stability and player passing positions without screen.
  • Klara, who is the league’s top scorer and assist player, entered the Wnba radar after being followed by European basketball.
  • Although Washington Mystics’ contract with her is seen as a surprise in Europe, those who know her and those who follow her will make herself accepted to the Euroleague in two season which is the summit of Wnba and European basketball.
  • Being invited to the A national team for 2 seasons shows trust to her.

Player Personality:


  • Klara, who had 128 assists in the last 20 games this season, was both finishing and sharing, which paved the way for her to Wnba today.
  • Her physical strength and coolness ensure that she always stays focused on the court in basketball.

• Her game knowledge provides her advantage in the field.

•Because she can adjust the pace of the game at the right times, facilitates the assignment of responsibilities to her by her coaches. • She can easily play as shooter guard in the double guard system. • She can take serious responsibilities in the finisher role in the double guard system. • Klara, who is very sharing when she plays Single Guard, can be very successful in 1 * 1 defense defense. • When she is the only guard, she can lead very well on the field and the tempo of the game can be adjusted perfectly. • She has the feature of attack to the right or left without noticing.

Player Personality: DEFENCE • The biggest advantage of her game knowledge is her rebound intuition and timing in defensive positions without the ball. • She has very good timing and box-out ability in reverse defense. • If there is no tactical preference in PnR defenses, she makes under and this is one of the situations she needs to improve. • She can lean on the screen and decrease by the reverse. • The aggressive physical strength and cold-bloodedness, which are genetic traits in Swedish players, are extremely high in her. • In isolation defending positions, she can stay in front of her player without diminishing aggressively and successfully.

Athleticism: She can go high in the rebound positions. She has the defensive knowledge and strength to stand against her in a 1 * 1 defense without diminishing and in full field.

She has athleticism that switches and defends in all positions, including number 4 in his short defenses.

3pt Range: • She doesnt prefer to use catch and shoot. • She uses dribbling shots more. • She needs to be more stable on 3pt shots. • She plays with %39.9 shot percentage in general season. • She hit 26 shots of 71 in the general season. Free Throws: • She plays with high hit in general season (86.17%). •She finds 4.19 points from the line for each match. Because she takes fouls when she attacks to the circle and because her high hit perentage, she is a player that hard to defense.

Transitions: -She has the ability to set the collective game very well and to finish high. – Her shot in transition early PnR attacks and penetre strength are high. -She plays with 63% efficiency in transition attacks per match and finds 3.8 points.

PnR Ball Handler: ++ • PnR basketball and mid-range game are the basketball systems that she wants the most and she is effective in them. • She plays with 68% efficiency for each match. • She gains her points 25.1%(4.8pt) in PnR positions. • She uses pull up shot in the PnR positions with ball. • She reads spacing positions accurately and guides pass rotation correctly. • She can read PnR defense and then she can use attack or stop shot to the circle.

• Perceiving the defensive rotation correctly and sharing the ball correctly is one of her most important strengths.

• She can read the defense of the tall correctly and direct her attack accordingly.