Costanza Verona Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık

Costanza Verona Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık


2015-2016 Italy u16-u17 national teams

2016-2017 Italy u17 national teams

2017-2018 Italy u 18 national teams

2018-2019 Italy u 20 national teams and the season in which she promoted to the first A Team

Player Type:


  • She is aggressive in 1 * 1 defense.
  • She has the strength to defend full field and knowledge of the game.
  • She is doing over on PnR defenses.
  • She has a high level of game knowledge to do the collective player and defense without leaning on screen.
  • She can help with pass breaks and rebounds, thanks to her knowledge of reverse side and ball-free defense.
  • Although she is undersize, according to tactical situations she can switch with her athleticism and energy.


  • She has high energy and tempo.
  • The fact that her body coordination supports this gives her very serious convenience in undersize situations.
  • She can cross the half court very quickly.
  • She plays with high energy in transition positions.
  • Although she is under size, she does not stop switching and being aggressive.
  • She has the feature of steal by making a shock press at positions where penetration ends are scored.

PnR Ball Handler:


  • Her game knowledge and fundamental in PnR positions are quite fine.
  • She is able to read the PnR defense correctly and make the attack or assist choices correctly. Her number of ball losses in these positions is quite low.
  • She has stop shot feature after PnR.
  • She reads the opposite side spacing correctly and directs.

• Her PnR defense is high. She can create positions that are difficult to defend in early PnRs. She has the feature of going through the rim when she does a show-up. She can read the stance and position of her long defense very accurately in PnR positions. • She plays the right basketball when she is switched.

PnR Ball Handler: Defense: She averages in all positions and tries not to get the screen. She can defend without leaning on the pick and stay mobile all the time. She can always cross the screen with the offensive player at the right angle and stay in front of the ball. She suffers from simple ball losses and fouls because she is extremely aggressive and paced. In that full-field defense, there are situations where she defends to steal the ball instead of stopping it.

Personality: She has reached the necessary potential in Italy, with her modern basketball tendency, shooting percentages, high self-confidence and game knowledge, she will receive invitations from their national teams in 1 or 2 seasons. Having the paced and PnR game knowledge lacking in European basketball will make her one of the players we can watch in Europe and at the euroleague level. Will her Wnba road be open? It seems difficult, but she is among the players we can often mention in European basketball. The fact that the infrastructure is very successful both as a team and individually in her own generation in national team championships shows in this case. It will be much more valuable if she gets her tempo under control and stays calmer and doesn’t get into foul problems. She can make mistakes in her passing preferences in the positions where she speeds up the game.

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