Pınar KSK – Galatasaray Doga Sigorta 28th Week Game Analysis by Oguzhan Yıldırım




Oguzhan Yıldırım

In my previous work, I have talked about the importance of the pace for Galatasaray. I believe that Coach Memnun and his camp don’t have the time or assets to create a more organized team so it is important for GS to push the pace and took early chances before the opposition comes back on defense. 2nd quarter was a great example of that strategy GS quickly converted 15 points under 7 seconds this quarter without giving KSK a chance. Galatasaray’s main problem is executing the half-court offense, they are not even trying to circulate the ball or use off-ball screens. Jordan Crawford (5-18 FG) was struggling from all around because of the offensive scheme, he was forced to take incredibly tough shots following isolation offense. I believe that Crawford is a very capable scorer but he needs to be utilized by the coaching staff yet Crawford is taking the hardest shots he could. Crawford is not able to pass the ball after he drives to the basket maybe he doesn’t like it I don’t know but because of that KSK defended him by swarming his proximity without worrying about help defense or rotation with that strategy KSK was able to hold him at 28% from the field. Crawford should have received a lot of off-ball screens, pin downs, etc. he will be far more efficient as a finisher than the creator. Pierre Jackson was solid for GS while putting up 17 points( 71%) along with 8 assists and 3 steals although he had 4 turnovers I think it’s understandable in this situation. He didn’t miss a beat as a PNR handler KSK struggled against Jackson&Marei PnR’s.

The most surprising thing for me was KSK’s impatience on the offense. GS had 4 players who are defensive liability on the court at the same time yet KSK’s offense didn’t focus on taking advantage of those players with creating mismatches. KSK focuses on the perimeter more than they should and didn’t run a single set play to take advantage of Pierre Jackson, Motum, Marei. While Jackson and Marei were rolling on the offensive end Coach Sarica should have targeted Marei or Pierre Jackson on the offensive end and force Coach Memnun to sub-out at least one of them. Also, KSK struggled on the transition defense, not becasue GS was so organized and lethal because they weren’t locked in and didn’t run back which is unacceptable. It doesn’t take any talent or hard work to hustle and concentrate on the game. To summarise GS wanted the game more that’s why they won it.

Pinar Karsiyaka




Morgan sets a screen for Taylor to create a shooting opportunity for him because of the bad communication between Marei n Jackson, Morgan finishes the play with ease. Pierre Jackson and Marei have their downsides on the defensive end both in terms of effort and knowledge. KSK should have used that kind of action plays more often.


Jordan Crawford receives a screen to get the ball then decides to take on his defender with attacking to the basket. The main problem about that offense is that the defensive side is very stable since there wasn’t any ball circulation. Also, KSK knows that Crawford likes to finish positions by himself because of that KSK was able to swarm his perimeter without worrying about shooters standing wide open in the corner.


Jeffrey Morgan posts up Motum who is a below-average defender and ends up fouling him on very short notice. Morgan has a significant size and power advantage over him which will force GS into bringing help defense or subbing out Motum. I think that you need to stubborn in this kind of situation, it’s better to digest a weak defender by posting him up while running basic screen plays to create an opportunity for help side shooter.

Also, we see the opportunities created by processing that mismatch in the second video. Same play with on difference Amile Jefferson tends to slide towards morgan to contest that shot but with this action, Semih Erden finds himself in a very comfortable position then kicks it out for a wide-open three-pointer.


We see Crawford&Marei in a PnR action since Crawford is not a good passer he couldn’t drop that bounce pass towards Marei’s lane for a comfortable layup or wide-open three-pointer from the help side. Instead of that kind of offense, the play ended up with a horrible lob pass towards Marei which was deflected.


KSK miscommunicated the switch action and Marei becomes available for just a second. Jackson does a great job with connecting that pass, he is a lethal PnR player and this reflects in his assist numbers (7.7 APG)


Again the same mistake by GS by giving the ball to Crawford for a PnR action, this time he makes the correct decision but the execution wasn’t good. Crawford should be utilized as a finisher rather than a creator. His value increases when he handles the ball less.