Audrone Zdanaviciute – Player Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık

Audrone Zdanevicute

Scouting Report


Ali Ovacık


* Lithuania U16 national team player. • Lithuania U18 national team player. • She was invited to the A national team in the European championship elimination matches. • She played the European championship final with u 16 national team, she lost to Russia in the final and won the silver medal. • She finished the tournament with 16.7 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.6 assists and she became the 4th player to score the most points in the tournament. • At the end of the tournament, she was chosen the top 5.

Player Profile:


  • Her F / C defense and foot strength is very top level. • Her close out defense is top level and it is very difficult to pass when 1 on 1 is left. • She has defensive knowledge and strength to switch to all positions between 1 – 4. • If there is no tactical decision in PnR defenses, she is taking care necessarily to not to run through screens and she makes an effort to get over the top. • Thanks to the weak – side defense know how she has, her rebounding contribution and efficiency is very top level. • Her box-out energy and strength is top level. • She is a player who takes her opponent from the full field and shows her defensive ability at all levels without any foul loss.

Scoring Package:

She likes very much to go aggressively to the full court circle after rebound. • When she goes to the circle without screen, she has the IQ of correctly reading the half-court defense and sharing the ball correctly. • Her assist feature is very strong. • She doesn’t use the PnR handler shot a lot. • She is very aggressive in contact finishing and she can provide hit with high percentage.

• Although she doesn’t use 3pt very much, she has stability on a certain line. • She prefers catch and shot positions more. • She has more confidence in Pull Up shooting and she also uses pointed. • She goes very strong to her right side. • When she goes to the left she surely goes to the finish but when she goes to the right, she looks at the shot or the assist side. • She makes the right choices with a very high percentage in the transition game.

3pt Range:

Audrone’s, which carries the most important changing and developing features of modern basketball, improving herself more in 3pt positions and using it more consistently will make her a more special and potential player in her career. Playing with 28% throughout the season makes her an easy player to defend on the side without the ball in half-court basketball. Moving her shooting percentage to 32-34% in the short term will open the door to her to the Euroleague too soon. PnR Handler: In this period which is players who can integrate tempo and PnR in modern basketball will always be more permanent, she gives importance to playing correct basketball with this system. Going to the circle after PnR and gathering the defense, creating a spacing area, gaining many positions for the team through assist, the fact that it can be supported with statistics stands out as her strongest side (29.2% poss.1.8 number is found on this system).

Midrange: She hardly ever uses the over-dribbling shot after PnR where it is weakest and when she catches that area in the half court, she prefers to use it as a floater shot or look to the assist side, this situation is characteristic that she needs to develop the most. Although she undersizes, her aggressiveness and knowledge of the game will take her to the top level anyway but working on it will make her a very difficult player to defend.

Free Throws:

A player who goes to so many circles and likes to play 1 * 1 needs to be more concentrated in ‘Free Throws’. “Free Throws”, which she missed in critical places in the final match, is still in mind. She left 59% off the line throughout the season. Her low percentage does not seem to be due to shooting mechanics. She usually misses after going aggressively to the circle and getting hit hard.


After the rebound game system which Audrone is the most powerful, her coast to coast basketball, game knowledge and defence IQ without ball bring huge advantage to her in the reverse side rebound situations (receives 1.45 defence rebounds per match). When she gets rebound, she goes to the circle fast and creates a large area. In other positions, she finds points (25.7% 1.5 pt per match) through transitions.


Even if she has point guard features, she is more efficient in the double guard system. She can play an aggressive and paced basketball because there is no player in defence and in attack bringing the ball. In the periods when she is the only playmaker, she can be incomplete in organizing and creating positions. She just lacks in the task of starting the games and distributing the ball but when she is plays as the number 2, she can be an almost flawless efficient player.

On-Ball Defense:

In defence,as in the attack, she likes to be aggressive and to make hard defense. Even at her young age, she takes part in Serbia and Turkey matches in A-national teams and remained very aggressive in defense. Asena Yalçın, Olcay Çakır and Alperi Onar made very successful defenses against Y.anderson without backing down. I think even if everyone thinks that young player only can do that role at first sight, it becomes clear as time went by that she is on the ball when her role in her team comes to the position. While doing defense, she does it with pleasure in the full field or at ¾ and gives great importance to her team. Her quickness in foot strength and her knowledge of defense brought her to the point where she could enter the field when things went bad.

P&R Defensive

Her PnR defense knowledge comes from offense and having enough physical strength and knowledge is one of her strongest points in defense. If there is no tactical choice in PnR defense, she can prove that she can be a reliable player in defense both in u-16 and u-18 as well as in A-national by not leaning on the screen, constantly overdoing the player or not taking the screen at all.

Overall Outlook:

— •      She should use outside shot much more in high level. If she can not, she will change from a productive player to a defender only.    •         Because she is under size, she has a foul problem when she makes post up against the long guards. •         She needs to be more productive when she goes left. •        She definitely needs to improve her jumpshot after PnR. •         When she is too aggressive, she has too much foul trouble to stay on serious court.

Overall Outlook


•       She will be permanent in the A-national team in her early ages, as long as she keeps playing this basketball.  •         She has the talent to join the squad of the euroleague teams in 2.3 seasons. •         Her energy and game knowledge are her biggest weapon. •        Playing without offense and focusing on the game makes her stand out as a profile. •        When she and her play matures, she will definitely has a chance in wnba. •         The fact that she carries modern basketball in an important way and her country is viewed with the right basketball education shows that she is a very special player for the future. •       She will be one of the top 20 players of her generation and European basketball, when she makes the 3 pt and jump shots feature better that she absolutely lacks in 3 seasons.