Under 21 players in Turkish Women’s Basketball

With a bit of digging through our service provider we focused on a special group of Women’s players competing in the KBSL and the TKBL this season (2020 – 2021).

We first began by stating we wanted to look as the title states at U21 players in Turkish Women’s Basketball and specifically to players that played +20 games in their respective leagues.

We then turned our attention to players that played minimum 200 minutes for their respective teams. As an end result we boiled down our search to 5 KBSL players and 7 TKBL players with advanced statistics. As visible in the image below

player profile courtesy of InStat Sport (Basketball platform) insight

Video insight on this player:

Gökşen, is a hard-nose player that has range to shoot offensively. She also is a shooting guard that can rebound and that can effectively pass and create opportunities for her teammates on the court. Her high level basketball IQ along with her endurance to play long stretches of time allows her to be a vital player for her team. Let’s also not forget that she is only 20 years old and for her age her level of experience and level headed on court play is solid. She so far across 28 games this season has managed to compile a 55% True Shooting percentage and this along with her passing ability and defensive presence makes her a treat in the KBSL.

player profile courtesy of InStat Sport (Basketball platform) insight
(please bare in mind that in 2019 – 2020 we only analyzed 3 games of her and this might not reflect her full potential from last seaason)

Video Insgith on Player:

After watching İdil she reminds me of Hanna Jump of Stanford. Similar play style in terms of shooting and also rebounding entry point and overall defensive effort too. İdil with her experience and play time she is getting this season at Fenerbahçe Gelişim is making good use of her minutes. With 49% eFG% and 65% (highest among both KBSL and TKBL on the list) TS% has a solid range and offensive game.

Conclusive insight

With the growth of women’s basketball in Turkey the presence of high impact locally grown talent is becoming that much more critical coming out of both top level leagues. Considering that player development as well as overall skills level of players is becoming more and more comparable to WNCAA and even WNBA standards, there is no question that Turkish Women’s basketball’s next generation of athletes are in a seriously solid state to be able to make a run for potential Women’s Euroleague level teams. One overall concern that we have is that while player development is being looked at no question evaluation of player motor and intangibles tend to be overlooked. It is with great caution therefore we request that our analysis is taken into account and referred to by any and all parties that are interested in further in-depth analysis.


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