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Zala FRISKOVEC Full Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık


Zala FRISKOVEC Full Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık

Player Personality:

·  Best shooter of her generation in national teams. ·  With this stability, it already shows that she will be among the best shooters in European basketball. · She shows us that she will be at the Euroleague level after 2 seasons due to her high accuracy shooting percentage and her playing and accepting it as her own basketball. ·  Her catch and shoot shot percentage is highest in euro cup. ·  While not using her 1 /1’s so much until this season and playing only on fish, this season she was at the euro cup level, which led her to work on this deficiency and she seems to have developed herself in this regard.

Strengths on Offense (+)

 ·  She is very strong to her left and attacks to finish. ·  Even if she is not too aggressive, she can guard and can defend up to 4 numbers. · Again, this season, she uses and works on attacking the shieldless ring she puts on her, even if she is not stable.

· Her  mid-range shots hit over 45%.  · She plays transition basketball very right which is essential for modern basketball. ·   She uses transition shot decisions too much and provides high hits. ·  Her PnR game knowledge and her QI are upper level and strives to improve the footwork properties associated with it. · Her game profile is very similar to Sami whitcomb’s.


·  She loves high tempo basketball. ·  She doesn’t prefer 1/1 defense, she stays in the face enough to manage.

· She prefers to go to her left and she finishes with high percentage.

· She is not diligent on switch to long feature and defense.

· She does not prefer to go to her right unless she is forced to and accordingly, her finishing percentage is very low.

· Her high level of PnR game knowledge gives her a great advantage in these positions and she attacks the feet of the tall very easily, it enables herself and her team to use the spacing space correctly.

· She presses very accurately on pass channels in defense and in many matches, she has got the number from steal between pass over here.

· Her game knowledge without ball is high level.

· When she is playing PnR, she doesn’t use the assist side too much.

Strengths (-)

· Her 1*1 defense is a situation that needs to work on.

· She needs to use her assist side.

· She has to play the game by going to her right.

· She must definitely improve her game that is except for three point.