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Anastasiya Kosu Full Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık

Anastasiya Kosu

Full Scouting Report


Ali Ovacık



● She is 1.84cm and plays in ¾ number positon.

● She fits modern basketball but she has disadvantages

● Her senior strength and game knowledge according to her peers puts her upper level enough to be mvp.

● Because she knows where to use her game knowledge and physical strength, she keeps to stay at the top in the rebound situations.

● She can play rebound and full-court basketball and she has knowledge of this and finishing fundamentals.

● Her high-post and low post game knowledge is upper level.

● Her mid-range shots are very successful.

● She needs to be more consistent with outside shooting.

● She is one of the best players who makes euro step and up&under lay up finishes when she gets the moving ball in the in-side zone. (the best in her generation)

● Even if she is under size for number five position, they solved this gap with game knowledge and team system at the level of national teams very successfully.

● In the positions that she plays number four her post up knowledge and skill enabled her to excel in the most critical matches.

● Currently, I don’t know if she can continue her career as a short forward, but we know that she works and devotes time to it.

● If she will make wncaa career or not is not sure but eventually she will have some day and will be very successful in wnba and Europe with the right training and system as early in her career.

● She will be one of the five best player in Europe when she improves her outside shot and speeds up her feet.




PnR Ball Handler:


PnR Ball Handler:

When she is collective, she has the problem in player decreasing without screen.

When she switches, she doesn’t stay long time opposite the short.

Her full-court collective player defense is weak.

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