Mustafa Serimhan Serim – Exclusive Scouting Report (incl. video scouting) by Alex Brown

Scouting Report: Mustafa Serimhan Serim

By: Alex Brown

Video Scouting Report

Player Profile

Former Basketball background: Begun his basketball formation in Istanbul, Turkey where he played for Hidayet Turkoglu (youth development team), Beşiktaş Basketball’s youth development division also for Istanbul Teknik Universitesi youth development program than moved to the U.S. where he initially committed to Impact Basketball after which he ended up playing his Senior year at Montverde CBD Prep National

Class – School: HSSr. – Montverde CBD Prep National

Measurements: 6’4 – 194

Position: Combo Guard (Listed PG, but I like him taking more secondary rather than primary initiator reps due to his notable off-ball value comparatively). Better at the 2 guard spot.

Physical/Athletic Profile: Physically and athletically, Serim reminds me of Devin Askew. They have similar frames, burst, and vertical explosiveness. At this stage of course, Askew is stronger and quicker, but Seri certainly has room to grow as an athlete due to age. He moves quite well laterally when his technique is correct and he can accelerate in a hurry, two notable value points.

Projected Roles: Off-Ball Creator, Spot Up Threat, Movement Shooter, and Secondary P&R Initiator


Archetype Specific Evaluation

Scoring Package

Shooting Value: Serim can really shoot the 3-ball from college range. He can get hot in a hurry, and should be treated as a threat consistently off the ball. On top of this, I like what he provides as both a standstill and a movement shooter, which is always a nice find. Mechanically, he has really solid shot preparation, great lift, solid balance, scalable mechanics, and great touch. He can get his long-range shots in the flow of the offense as well, and does not need to force the issue to get to his spots. His shooting value is also augmented by his off-ball movement, which will be noted later. I expect him to add confident 3pt shooting to a college team, and buy this as his greatest strength. His free throws look quite excellent mechanically as well.

Interior Scoring: In game, Serim has shown that he has solid touch and developing versatility around the rim. While he is heavily mitigated at this stage by contact, he is quite serviceable in space off cuts and created advantages. He picks his spots well, and did not try to go outside of his skillset in the games that I watched.

On-Ball Self-Creation: While I prefer Serim as an off-ball creator I think he can fit as a secondary P&R initiator, mismatch driver, and transition threat. He can get shots on the ball in a couple ways that are worth developing further; including a potential OTD pull-up jumper and screen assisted driving. His shot looks really clean as I mentioned, so turning him into a player that teams cannot go under on would be quite worthwhile.

Off-Ball Creation: As previously mentioned, I quite like the off-ball movement Serim has to offer. He stays engaged hunting his spots and relocating, and should be able to leverage his shooting gravity as a cutter moving forward (good flashes so far). He can find his open space and execute, yet so often it seemed that teammates just needed to look his way more. I would run him off pin downs, flares, and shoot off curls pretty often.

Playmaking: Serim is unselfish with the ball in his hands, which is a big plus in his archetype if you do not consider him a full-time lead guard. His unselfishness is much more valuable in that secondary role. Overall, he is capable of making many basic college reads and reacts quickly, but should not be expected to take on primary playmaking responsibilities yet. As a handler, he is more suited to that secondary role as well.

Feel: Offensively, I would be inclined to say that Serim has an above average feel for the secondary guard spot for his age. He moves off the ball in ways that help the team, he does not force the issue, and he moves the ball when his spots are not available. His offensive feel is a plus in my eyes, and key to him sticking in a role.

Engagement: Serim is quite engaged on the offensive end at almost all times, and is nearly constantly moving and looking for space to make something happen. This is a major part of why he projects as a good off-ball creator in a higher paced offense, as he can constantly move to find his space. He seems quite mentally present overall on offense, and shows up to score in the flow.


Archetype Specific Evaluation

On-Ball Defense: Serim moves well enough and has the right frame, quickness, and agility to defend at that 1-2 spot effectively at the college level. Furthermore, he is at his most mentally engaged in POA, which can lead to on-ball strips and advantage mitigation. However, he is no lockdown and should not be the guy you entrust with getting a stop. Overall though, he has the base of a serviceable on-ball defender.

Off-Ball Defense: Perhaps the greatest area that needs improvement from Serim is his off-ball defensive game. This should be a primary developmental focus for coaches with Serim, as he needs to improve in quite a few areas. These areas include (but are not limited to) ball watching, lacking impact on stunts/digs, mental disconnect, poor transition effort (especially if his man doesn’t run the floor), and tunnel vision on his man. It often seems like he gets laser focused on just his man and can lose sight of the team scheme and help responsibilities, which will need to be changed at the next level he pursues.

Feel: While I would be inclined to say that his offensive feel is rather solid, I would be less likely to endorse his defensive feel. As mentioned in the off-ball defense portion, this will be his biggest area to develop, and it starts with understanding the scheme & game while keeping consistent engagement.

Rebounding: On either end, I do not see Serim as a guy that will add much if any value on the glass apart from getting basic opportunistic rebounds here and there when positioning is perfect. He is more of a leak out threat (due to his offensive instincts) that should focus on beating his man to his spots and hitting some spot up transition threes rather than crashing.

Engagement: When the team gets up, Serim has lapses in effort that take the form of not sprinting back enough in transition, ball watching, or not keeping his head on a swivel in team defense scenarios. Just staying focused and mentally present with regards to team defense will be an area to focus on developing if he wants to maximize his potential.

Overall Outlook

Greatest Strength: Excellent, versatile shooter that can keep the offense in flow with the ball in his hands. His high offensive floor could lead to him leveraging this tool to blossom as an initiator or growing as a strong linking piece that can really shoot.

Greatest Improvement Area: Off-Ball Defense, Consistent Defensive Engagement. Developing his defensive feel will be key to getting him on the floor for extended minutes.

Serim is a player I could see go low/mid-major division 1 to develop as a long-term player that will have a good impact as an upperclassman. It will take a while for him to develop defensively, but with his offensive floor, there is a worthwhile investment here. He has valuable tools that low/mid-major D1 teams could really use on offense, so if he improves defensively, he could be a solid rotation collegiate guard that could end up as an upperclassmen starter depending on defensive development, scheme, and roster.