Oguzhan Yıldırım

First of all I would like to start with stating the fact that with the given roster there isn’t any coach in the world who can accomplish something. Problems are beyond the budget, its about engineering an optimal roster for BSL. Which means you need at least one guy who can protect the rim along with a guy who can defend the opposition’s top perimeter player. It would be even better if your paint anchor can defend small shifty players but in Galatasaray’s case one anchor would have won them at least 2 more games. Also I think that the current roster is crafted with talented offensive players who are extremely soft on the defensive end, I have no problems with 1 way players with the current budget. I was not expecting a roster full of 2 way players yet I didn’t expect something like that either. Galatasaray also had the chance to acquire new players but yet again they went with the same player profile, absolutely dumping the defensive side of the basketball game. Since the damage is already done I will jump into my subject directly which is keeping Galatasaray in the league.

I think that Coach memnun should prefer lineups with more spacing options even if that means going for extremely small ball.

Play Types used by Galatasaray over the last 9 Games since Ekrem Memnun took over back mid Jan. 2021

I would prefer Marei on the court even though he’s not a perimeter threat but if he has struggles due to injury, Coach should try out a centerless lineup which can adapt extremely high paced, run n gun basketball. If Marei is ready to play at full capacity Galatasaray should continue to play at a high pace with early offense motions and high PnR. It’s the last 3 weeks and GS somehow has a group of guys who aren’t used to each other so I am not even suggesting off ball cuts, shadows picks etc. In this case we have to be realistic so I can say that Galatsaray’s main aim should be to increase efficiency of Crawford and Jackson. If they can combine 45-50 points in an acceptable way they can win games for Galatasaray.


We know that he is very athletic and shifty with the ball and also a solid shooter when he finds his rhythm. He needs to have an open space in order to work. My suggestion is positioning Jackson with the ball and running high PnR with Marei alongside Arslan,Mottum and Crawford. I would place Mottum at left corner while Crawford standing at left wing and Arslan at the opposite corner. It would be great for spacing since all of those places are one of the hottest spots for players also when we place Crawford at the left wing he can drive towards the basket and finish with his dominant hand in case of a help defense he would swing it to the Arslan standing at the right corner who is having himself a good percentage from perimeter.

After starting a high PnR action Jackson can use his pace since he will have more space, take the ball to the basket and can pull up if defense prefers to sag him. If defense prefers to switch those actions then Marei can take advantage of smaller defenders which will lead to a foul or basket since he is lethal when he’s close to the basket.


Coach Memnun can apply high PnR offense for Crawford too. He’s too shifty for Turkish BSL teams to need to close space and increase on ball pressure on him if they want to limit his scoring. If PnR defender comes up 0.5 second late it’s enough for Crawford to knock down pull up jumpers. After PnR action when he turns the corner he should attack the basket immediately in order to gravitate to help defense from the defender at the corner which will eventually leave the shooter in the corner in a suitable position. If defense prefers to switch then it’s crucial to give the ball to Marei. They can accomplish this by bringing Motum to high post if Crawford has too much pressure on him. But the most important thing will be tempo for GS. After grabbing the rebound other players should rush into corners of the opposition half court in order to space the floor and knock down jumpers if their defender prefers to help the weak side while doing so the ball handler should immediately call for an early high PnR in order to create space. If teammates arrive late, then there will be too much pressure on the ball handler and he wont have any options rather than shooting an ugly shot.


I didn’t mention anything about defense since I have no idea how to increase defensive efficiency of those groups of guys but if GS can increase tempo and turn the game into a more streetball vibe they would be the beneficiary of this system and maybe they can throw off their opposition’s offensive plans.

Here is some added insight on Coach Memnun and the team based on offensive and defensive placing in the league across the last 9 games since mid. Jan when he took over:

It’s important to save some energy for the 4th quarter when it comes to Crawford and Jackson so Coach Memnun must create some resting time for his players while doing so players on the bench can bring some energy. I have talked about lack of defensive skill in their roster but with the energy and playing tough, maybe getting into more physical action even if they result in foul plays can save GS some points and throw off opposition scorers who don’t like contact very much.

Although Koksal is an experienced player and knows the worth of the club he is playing for I think it’s better for Galatsaray to decrease his playing time since he’s shooting the ball terribly this season.

Added insight on Linueps used since Coach Ekrem Memnun has taken over:

All stats and evaluation based on the insight we provide are courtesy of InStat Sport and are direct insight that can be derived from the TBF league website too.