Basketball Champions League (Top Lineups of the first games played) in the playoffs

As always we want to be at the cutting edge of the analytics boundries in Europe and with that we did a bit of analysis of our own to come up with the following insight on the top lineups of the first BCL playoff games played.

Some interesting results did pop out:

Here first of all is some general insight of the playoff teams after the first couple of games played:

We also wanted to dig in and figure out what lineups based on the 1 or 2 playoff games played so far were mostly used based on +/- figures and here are the results:

So as the top lineup of the first couple of games comes out to be 9 M. Huertas, 13 S. Rodriguez Febles, 10 S. Salin, 34 T. Cavanaugh, 19 G. Shermadini in the BCL playoffs 20-21. it will be interesting to keep track of this and see how teams will adjust to the offensive and defensive issues they face.