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Josh Giddey

A very very talented young man is an understatement for Josh Giddey who signed a deal back in March 2020 with Adelaide 36ers. I first got a glimpse of this player in Jan. 2020 as he took part in the NBA Global Academy in Barcelona. The maturity of his game was one thing to see but off the court the way that he carried himself as well as his overall demeanor impressed me. It was as if always was composed and ready to talk with poise.

The next time I got to see him was during the ’21 FIBA Asia qualification Cup. His game against Hong Kong was something for the books with 6 assists and 3 rebounds all very timely by the way all within 11 minutes along with 11 points. Its also worth noting that Giddey did become the youngest player on the boomer team aside from Ben Simmons to be called up (that last played back in 2013).

He has a good touch when it comes to shooting and he has an improving court vision, for his age for sure he will learn more with experience but overall he can make the one hand pass look simple in transition or even during pick and roll situations.

Timing for this young man is not an issue. He ready the offense well and reacts defensively in time to help out his teammates and the same vice versa on offense too. He makes sure to get the ball to the right place even if it is not himself seeking the right shot.

​​Josh comes from solid pedigree as his father Warrick was a well-known player of the Melbourne Tigers. Very tied to his family and close circle of friends too. From talks with several NCAA contacts I figured out that he turned down numerous Div. I programs among which St. Johns was included. It’s also been reported that he is trying to add moves of Arvydas Sabonis to his skill set, which could be a huge add-on.

In terms of a frame and build Giddey has a solid build but a thing is that he needs to build mass in arm, legs and back in order to compete at NBA and/or Euroleague level for sure. He does not have big shoulders but with this overall upper body it can be said that agility will carry him a long way.

In terms of game mentality he is not a type of player that plays too out of the box. He finds comfort areas on the court to produce. Watching him across the last 12 games in the NBL season so far I figured out that his weak spot is the right hand corner three point area for sure. He barely considers shooting from this area. Defense-wise he has a lot of area to improve on. In off-ball circumstances he has a lot of slack to pick up. He does tend to fall out of defensive stops every now and then.

I think it is not a wise idea to compare him to current draftees as there are too many differences. One plus side for his age is the fact that his legs are beyond strong and that also makes up for his other weak areas. I also caught insight that he has recently begun working out with a strength and conditioning coach on preparing him for the remainder of this season and onwards for more physical playing time.

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His game is pretty fluid and mobile overall on offense lateral movement is a non- issue for him. I did have to remind myself at points that this young man is not even 20 years old yet. No concerns when it comes to the first step quickness he has either. He has a leader’s approach when he plays the guard position which is a breath of fresh air to see in his game play too by the way.

There are not a lot of points on defense that I have seen explained on him but a few points I have uncovered are the following:

  • PnR Defense
  • 3pt Defense
  • Helpside Defense

All the above are areas that Giddey has developed this season so far.

/Users/duranermay/Downloads/Opponent Field Goals - Josh Giddey.png

His offensive burst and acceleration which on offense are an asset also translate to his defensive awareness and presence too. It’s a bit of a rare thing I think not many find it easy to recognize but where he does lack in motor at points on defense he does do his utmost best to make up with basketball IQ at most times.

A side of his game I really do enjoy watching is his passing ability. He has an ability to solidly dish the ball and is not shy about it.

Overall thought

I think that Giddey can make a solid push for the next draft (2021). There still are a solid number of NBL games to still play out and its worth keeping an eye on this young man.

He can find a place in the NBA for sure. Big guards that can make a difference directly impacting the game in today’s game are beyond entertaining and performance value-wise he will no doubt draw a crowd to watch the game.

A major upside of Giddey that again might be missed is that his Hands on Buckets percentage is %28.1 for a 19 year old playing in a league such as the NBL its pretty damn good. Mix in that he also has managed to average %20,47 percent of %USG to me makes him a high valued international draft candidate.

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