Lineup Analysis Euroleague 20-21 Season (Feb.10.21) by Oguzhan Yıldırım

Lineup Analysis Euroleague 20-21 Season (Feb.10.21)


Oguzhan Yıldırım


When we look carefully at the frequently used lineups and their total playing time one thing is very clear, Barcelona and CSKA Moscow two teams sitting at the top seems like they have already found their go to lineups. Coach Jasikevicius used ‘A. Abrines Redondo, C. Higgins, N. Calathes, N. Mirotic, P. Oriola’ line up for over 164 minutes, that means those groups of guys played nearly for 7 minutes on average in every game. Same thing happens with Moscow, Coach Itoudis used ‘M. James, D. Hilliard, N. Kurbanov, T. Shengelia, N. Milutinov’ line up for 160 minutes, a little less than 7 minutes on average. When players get used to each other they tend to play better because of the cohesion going on on the off ball offense and defense. You can handle offensive efficiency with talented players who can convert low quality shots into a bucket and be good to go yet it is not sufficient for defense. In the defensive end you have to communicate, help your teammate, You have to position yourself with regards to the player next to you and there is no room for mistakes in terms of help defense and rotation since the opposition coach and players would cut your ticket instantly.

Zalgris is doing a tremendous job with their relatively humble squad in terms of budgeting. From my point of view the main reason behind this is their harmony in the court. Zalgris have 3 different lineups and all of their playing time is above the league average which is around 77 minutes in total. It seems like they are compensating their lack of talent with regards to teams sitting above and below them with their harmony. Their top 2 lineups are ‘S. Vasturia, T. Walkup, M. Grigonis, N. Hayes, J. Lauvergne’ and ‘T. Walkup, A. Milaknis, M. Grigonis, N. Hayes, J. Lauvergne

Real Madrid seems to break the anomaly of these trends but the main reason behind this is departure of F. Campazzo. Even though his departed lineup included him still Real Madrid second line up with 46 minutes so it is clear that if he stayed Real Madrid would fall into the statistical category and their lineup would be higher than EL average in terms of total playing time

At the beginning of the season when Fenerbahce were struggling many analysts suggested that Kokoskov’s confusion in terms of ideal lineup with their 9 game winning streak Fenerbahce seems to have found their ideal 5 with ‘N. de Colo, M. Guduric, E. Ulanovas, J. Vesely, A. Duverioglu’ we can see the importance of Marko Guduric who is a late arrival yet he made their top 2nd lineup in terms of total playing time. Although Duverioglu had himself a nice season with solid games Kokoskov main plan seems to upgrade this lineup with replacing Ahmet with O’Quinn which would be another positive bump for Fenerbahce if Kyle matches expectations.

Here is the indepth data sheet for the piece by Oguzhan:


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