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Alperen Sengun standing with 6’9 & 240 pounds he is currently playing in BSL at Turkey for Besiktas. Competing in both BSL and Champions League. Averaging 19.1 points along with 9.3 rebounds while leading the BSL in blocked shots with 1.79 blocks per game. He was born in 25.07.2002, currently at the age of 18.

From my point of view he reminds me of Domantas Sabonis of Indiana Pacers. Alperen’s game is so mature that you have to double check his age after watching a game of his. Extraordinary footwork where he does a great job with pining his pivot foot to the floor.

He gets the job done in no time when he is posting up a smaller player but that doesn’t mean he is in a rush. He knows what he is doing when he gets the ball. He never puts the ball down always keeps the ball above which makes it even harder to deflect the ball out of his hands. He has 3-4 post moves that he can do with ease. He is lethal with those, even though his matchup anticipates what’s coming it’s very hard to contest.

He is averaging 9.3 rebounds per game where he averages 4.21 offensive rebounds which is a stat I am not used to. That shows his feel for the game, focus and anticipation and you can’t teach those skills to a player after certain age. He is not a high flyer in terms of rebounding he gets those rebounds with his knowledge, always boxes out his opponent and positions himself in an optimal position.

I don’t think he has got a natural feeling for assists such as Nikola Jokic but he is an extraordinary case. What Sengun has is more likely to be correlated with his training and game knowledge. You shouldn’t expect to thread a needle from him or run a PnR. But he can get the rebound dribble comfortably and find the open shooter in the corner when coming with the ball at the top. He can get the offensive rebound and quickly pass the ball to open shooter. He can be used as a passing station from high post to low post or he can be a passing station for backdoor cutters.

My main concerns about him is if he will be able to develop a sustainable jump shot game from midrange and from outside. I think he has got great hands he can finish with both hands catch the balls with ease so it’s a great indicator which hints me it won’t be hard for him to develop a mid range game. Another concern is, he is not a great defender when he matchups with shifty guard at perimeter. I don’t think that you should expect him to stay in front of guard like Vesely does in EL but he should improve his defensive stance and lateral quickness if he wants to take it to the next level.







/Users/macbook/Desktop/Field goals - Alperen Sengun (2).png


/Users/macbook/Desktop/Field goals - Alperen Sengun (1).png


He likes to work out in the paint area very efficient post up player, he prefers finishing with his right hand definitely more comfortable with it yet that doesn’t mean he can’t use his left hand even though its relatively small sample he averages %70 with his left hand inside the paint area and most of these buckets resulted afterwards post up plays:

Right Hand:

/Users/macbook/Desktop/Field goals - Alperen Sengun (5).png

Left Hand:

/Users/macbook/Desktop/Field goals - Alperen Sengun (4).png




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