Analysis on the Den Helder Suns Win Streak by Nick Swaen

Our local Dutch Basketball guy, Nick tackled a very nice insight piece this week for us in the DBL, Check it out below! 


Analysis on the Den Helder Suns and their recent 3 game winning streak


Nick Swaen


Top line-ups for Den Helder Suns

  1. B.Brace , B. van der Vuurst de Vries, S.Elzen, T.Koopman, Y.Brussen – +/- 16
  2. B.van der Vuurst de Vries, N.Gorissen, B.Kovac, S.Elsen, Y.Brussen – +/- 15
  3. N.Gorissen, B.Kovac, M.Kolhorn, S.Elzen, D.Halman – +/- 10

Performance of the top line-up

The top lineup which is used by head coach van Noord contains a lot of young, energetic, and unpredictable players are actually one of the younger starting lineups in the Dutch Basketball League. Over the past three games, this lineup combined for almost a game full game of minutes with 39:23 played together with a 16 +/-. The line up shoots a staggering 58% from 2 and 25% from 3. Which they make up for in the free-throw shooting going for 90% in the minutes they have played. The young lineup thrives on the decision making of van der Vuurst de Vries, the scoring of van den Elzen, and the rebounding and inside presence of Brussen.


The young lineup contains creative and energetic players which feed off of each other. They combine to give the team an unpredictable playing style which can really surprise the more experienced teams they have faced. The coaching-style of coach van Noord allows the players to be free and create for each other. Their playing style is a quick, free-flowing inside-out / 4-out and 1 in which allows the team to play together but also get the freedom to create shots for themselves or get the freedom to take their one on one.


Influence of the bench

The Den Helder bench players which combine with some of the starters are a great influence on the Den Helder team. Gorrisen and Kovac are two of the best bench players for this Den Helder team, both being able to bring a spark to sometimes relight the fire in the team. Kovac coming off the bench for a good 12 points per game on a surprising 67% from 3 bring a lot of space and fire power to this team.


Best player over the past three games

Den Helder Suns most valuable player over these past three games has to be Boyd van der Vuurst de Vries. His 14.3 points per game combined with 8.7 assists shows that his impact is bigger than scoring. His creativity is one of the assets that the team thrives us being able to put other players in good positions by creating angles to get the ball inside to Brussen or creating space because of his shooting ability giving him space to create by driving within the inside lanes.

Where can the team improve?

This Den Helder team still has a lot of room to improve especially being a young team like they are. Lots of players are not near the experience other players in the DBL have but are still making great decisions and plays within coach van Noord his system. The one aspect that needs most improvement should be their defence, being able to play more disruptive defence can help their offence as well. As many people often say the best offence is a great defence. You still sometimes see the inexperience of some players when facing older and more experienced players.

*All stats and video compiled has been included to point out performance values and carries no commercial values whatsoever




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