ALİS KUMSAL ASLAN – An International Women’s Basketball Scouting Report by Ali Ovacık

As a part of Advance Pro Basketball’s dedication to global basketball, we will soon be pushing more Women’s basketball-related material. Here is a good insight into a terrific young professional basketball player in the first year of her pro. career.



reported by

Ali Ovacık


Age: 22 years (September 10th, 1998)

Measurements: 178 cm, 64kg

Hometown: Ankara/ TURKEY

Background: A. Kumsal ASLAN played and served as a captain on Çankaya Üniversitesi Spor Kulübü (Ankara, TURKEY) for the U14, U16, and U18 youth league teams – secured Turkey Championships with her team. In these championship tournaments, she was listed on the Top 10 lists of Points, Assists, Rebounds, and Steals and was the top performer in all categories on her team (averaged 16 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1.8 blocks in five games in the 2014-15 U18 Turkey Championship … averaged 22.4 points, 4.6 rebounds, 5.1 assists, and 3.2 steals in 10 games in the 2014-15 U18 Ankara Championship). In the 2014-2015 season, Kumsal participated on her club’s TKBL team as she was also playing for the club’s U18 team.

After the season she took the decision to finish her senior year to play high school ball in the United States of America. She was offered a full athletic and academic scholarship from St. Timothy’s (Baltimore, Maryland) and successfully finished her last high school career by leading her team on the floor and by being the top performer (averaging 16.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 3.1 steals). Kumsal also served on the Turkish National Team program at the youth development level. She played on the U16 national girls team and was one of the 22 players on the 2014 FIBA EUROPE list during this period. With the U20 program, she played on the Üçlü Temas tournaments in İstanbul, Turkey.

Kumsal Aslan joined the University of Albany (New York, USA) after a successful youth development campaign in both Turkey and the US. During her freshman year (2016-2017), UAlbany won the America East Conference championship and faced UCONN in the first round of the NCAA tournament. During her senior season (2019-2020), Aslan served as a captain on her team. She finished her last semester at college with a 3.49/4 GPA. In March 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Sociology, and a Minor in Business from the University at Albany.

After 4 years of WNCAA level basketball, Kumsal Aslan began her professional career in Turkey at Nesibe Aydın Spor Kulübü, a recent KBSL team that is lead by Erman Okerman. Off the court, her hobbies include photography and music. She especially values her family. She still likes to learn more about sociology and business.

the above highlight reel is a compilation of Aslan’s scoring, rebounding, assist, steal and awareness across a total of 31 overall select career games incl. her recent pro career with Nesibe Aydın Spor Kulübü

Personality: A professional athlete with a strong sense of discipline, excellent work ethic, and impeccable time management and people skills. Kumsal is a goal-oriented and result-focused individual successful at achieving results on the court. She is highly dedicated to the team and easily coachable. Aslan is the type of player that will buy into getting better, challenging herself, and getting out of her comfort zone on the court. One of her mottos is “more and better-ness” as she believes in working hard and working the right way. Kumsal does not hesitate to take responsibility on the court. She is a comfortable leader who supports her teammates and coaches; she also pushes her teammates to be better on and off the court. She has a winner’s mentality; she doesn’t like to lose whether it is a game, scrimmage, or drill. Kumsal pays attention to detail as she is highly organized with the ability to learn fast and adapt well. She pays high attention to her personal training and physical development.

This is a FG chart of Alis Kumsal Aslan based on 31 career games played at various levels incl. her pro career so far!


  1. Quickness/ Agility/ Explosion with the ball quality
  2. With her athleticism, when she takes the rebound or makes a quick outlet, she can go court to court all the way to the rim.
  3. Quick first step – she can beat the defender.
  4. She can combine her intuition of weak-side rebounding with her physical athleticism.
  5. She can stop the ball early on defense because addition to her physical quality, she also has full-court pressure intuition.
  6. High-level endurance – she is able to play for a long time with the same high intensity on both sides of the floor.

PnR Ball Handler:

  1. She can use both hands very well and can attack both sides (L&R)
  2. She can keep her dribbling intensity constant whether the defender does under or over.
  3. Her dribble placements and angles are right – she knows where to dribble with the correct timing.
  4. In PnR offensive situations, she can give a hard pass to weak side angles.

Strengths on Offense (+)

  1. She can take punishment 3s with a high percentage make.
  2. In PnR offense situations, she has a versatile pull-up jumper (favorite move: step-back)
  3. She can use both hands very well and can attack both sides (favorite move: euro-step)
  4. On transition offense, she can recognize and execute full court passes; she can push the tempo, and her athleticism allows her to run towards 1×0 fast breaks.
  5. High-quality post passes to the paint; she takes the effort to read the offense the right way; she likes to dish the ball as much as she likes to score.
  6. On off-ball offensive cases, she likes to move and cut.
  7. Her intelligence and ball tracking knowledge make her an advanced offensive rebounder.

Deficiencies on Offense (-)

  1. When there is help to the helper after she beats her player 1×1 she has trouble reading situations.
  2. With PnR offensive situations she is involved in, if her defender goes under the defense, she hesitates about taking a shot.
  3. With PnR offensive situations she is involved, because of her high level of athleticism, she may have trouble reading the opponent’s post player.

Strengths on Defense (+)

  1. High-level help and recovery defense knowledge; allows her to make steals from the ball-side.
  2. Aggressive 1×1 defender; she can do full-court pressure defense.
  3. Because of her strength and athleticism, she can do 1 – 5 switches; she is resistant on front defense in the paint against post players.
  4. High-level weak side defense knowledge with good timing.
  5. Looks to get charges; if she is 1×1 while her matchup is playing post up, she will take the hit once and will take the charge when the opponent expands her arm.

Deficiencies on Defense (-)

  1. On PnR defense, she may get caught up on screens if she leans towards the screen.
  2. Because of her intensity and constant contact with her matchup, she might get fouls.
  3. She may try to overhelp her teammates which may cause on-court chaos.
*All stats, video and insight on Alis Kumsal Aslan are compilations and insight by Ali Ovacık as well as aimed at proving the player’s performance value. There is no intention on gaining commercial value off of this scouting report.
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