BSL – WEEK 17 – TURK TELEKOM vs. ANADOLU EFES (84 – 86) POST GAME ANALYSIS by Oguzhan Yıldırım




(84 – 86)



Oguzhan Yıldırım

Turk Telekom started aggressive against Anadolu Efes, Ankara side found their points in the early offense after shaking Efes defense with early and direct attacks towards the basket. Efes had no ball circulation whatsoever in the whole game, although Bugrahan showed himself in the clutch time Efes seemed very far from their collective basketball. Coach Ataman stated that Larkin still has some issues in his knee and he is not playing at full capacity. Larkins situation also effects Micic, I think that those two players have positive correlation within each other. Turk Telekom was lost at the 4th quarter when they preferred to use half-court offense. There are 2 3 occasions where Dekker & Johnson duo stayed at corner and wing had no interaction with basketball or off ball cuts. Turk Telekom needs to play action plays which will prepare for positions Dekker or Johnson if they want to survive in half-court offense. Although I think that Efes also had a very static off ball offense they found a way to win this game by increasing defensive intensity and with special thanks to Frenchman Beaubois.

Wiltjer had a solid game with 23 points and 10 rebounds while playing with %54 from the field. He was joined by his team mate Johnson who had 20 points and 8 assists for Turk Telekom.

Beaubois & Micic were Efes’s one-two punch against Telekom. Beaubois had 19 points along with 4 assist along with the game winning basket while Micic led the team with 6 assists along with 16 points.





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0:54 1:03 1st Quarter:

Sam Dekker finds himself in a mismatch with Bugrahan as a result of early offense. Gets the ball from Johnson and patiently works out his matchup and finishes with a smooth touch after a nice ball fake.

03:59 1st Quarter

Samet Geyik slips quickly after the PnR and puts his body between him and defender and finishes with his offhand nicely.

10:24 2nd Quarter

After an early screen from Dunston Telekom prefers to switch and they left Micic with their big man. Micic often attacks to the basket in similar positions and that is what he did throughout the game. He takes advantage and finishes at the basket with nice body control.

21:56 3rd Quarter

Beaubois matches up with Geyik after Telekom prefers switch defense. Efes’s guards exploited Telekom’s big man’s defensive weaknesses. After a quick size-up Efes spaces floor in order to create space for Beaubois, he shows his quality and finishes the position with mid-range pull-up.

14:22 3rd Quarter

Johnson quickly moves ball to half court and finds Wiltjer who already positioned himself and finishes his post up nicely with 17 seconds left on shot clock. This fast build up allows Telekom to find buckets since Efes’s defense aren’t able to establish a help mechanism because of the early offense.

00:06 4TH Quarter

As I mentioned there were many Telekom half court offenses where Dekker and Johnson just stayed at the corner, from my point of view if a game is this close and you are playing against one of the best teams in Europe you can’t miss a beat. I was surprised by this set since Johnson, Dekker, Wiltjer didn’t touch the ball Telekom preferred very low quality shot.

03:07 4th Quarter

Again, a half-court offense where Johnson & Dekker just stays in the corner throughout the offense. I don’t want to repeat myself but when Johnson is on the floor you mustn’t exclude him and Dekker. Efes won with just one possession and there it is, 2 badly used offense.

03:43 4th Quarter

This time Telekom went back to the basics, after a rebound Dekker wastes no time and passes the ball to Wiltjer. Wiltjer quickly posts up Moerman and finishes the play with turning on his right shoulder, with an offhand baby hook. Efes’s team defense is very solid in half court possessions. Telekom should have played every position as a fast break if they had the opportunity.

28:57 4th Quarter

Dunston’s side screen leaves Beaubois with Michael Eric back pedaling, Beaubois wastes no time, drives the basket and finishes easily. In this possession Anderson made a huge mistake with not spacing the floor accordingly which positioned Dekker under the basket and he could have contested Beaubois. Luckily for Anderson and Efes Dekker stunned momentarily and Efes got the W at the capital.

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