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Turkish BSL W16 matchup – KSK vs. Fethiye Bel Pre-game Analysis

As you might have seen recently we added some quality scouts one of which is Oguzhan Yıldırım. Here is is first ever pre-game analysis on tomorrow’s KSK vs. Fethiye game which has great impact on the league.



Pinar Karsiyaka vs Fethiye Belediye

Pinar Karsiyaka takes on Fethiye Belediye this week outcome of this matchup will be crucial for both ends of the league. Izmir side want to stay at the second place and continue their streak while Fethiye Belediye needs every win they can to get out of the bottom of the league. Pinar Karsiyaka on an 8-game winning streak since their game against Anadolu Efes. BSL.

As we can see from the difference at isolation ratio between two teams it is clear that Fethiye seems like they play more iso-ball and rely on perimeter shots on offense. This is a necessity rather than a coaching choice since Fethiye’s squad lacks talent to move the in half-court offense they tend to go for contested 3 point shots more often. Although their possession per game is higher than KSK because of their inefficient offense depending on contested 3 pointers and isolations their average point per game is much lower than Pinar Karsiyaka.

Although we are halfway into the season Fethiye seems to be lost in terms of a reliable five. On the contrary Izmir side found consistent lineups, established a culture which help them to find themselves a place on the top side of the league.

Fethiye Belediye has only two lineups played more than 10 minutes together, both have negative ratings.

Fethiye Belediye Frequently used line-ups:

Pinar Karsiyaka frequently used line-ups:


Shooting chart for Fethiye Belediye across their 15 games played this season:

Shooting chart for Pinar Karsiyaka across their 15 games played this season:

Team leaders for Fethiye Belediye across their games played this season:

Team leaders for Pinar Karsiyaka across their games played this season:

*All analysis shared above have been deducted with assistance of InStat Basketball

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