The 2020 Off-season & critical documents by Zach Smith

Our very own aficionado Zach Smith has been compiling some amazing literature over the past months that we finally felt the deep need to share with the up and coming NBA Draft as well as the short NBA off season almost coming to mid point.

First of all, please check out this document by Zach and his fellow authors (please check full credentials in the listed documents for more information) posted on twitter:

Anyone critically interested in the NBA, the CBA and Salary Cap also the NCAA and all the added material should have good look at this document:

Furthermore again Zach and his fellow authors have been critical in evaluating all the NBA Draft prospects and here is a secondary document that we at APB definitely are approving that should be looked at:

with literally days away from the NBA Draft and target spots for free agents included this document is a milestone in this summer’s compilation, great job overall.

Here is the direct link to the above document:

(please check full credentials of individual authors in the listed document for more information)

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