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Leandro Bolmaro Collaborative Scouting Report by Alex Brown & Ian Riaf

Leandro Bolmaro Collaborative Scouting Report

By: Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics & Ian Riaf

With insight from InStat

Player Profile

Age: 20 Years (September 11, 2000). Would have been 19.77 on a draft night that was not delayed.

Measurements: 6’7, 200lbs, 6’8 Wingspan.

Agent: Igor Crespo

Current Team: FC Barcelona Bàsquet 

Contract Situation: Bolmaro renewed his contract with Barcelona for the upcoming seasons until June 30th, 2023. This leaves him in a perfect situation to be stashed at the highest level overseas whilst having a comfortable buyout at around $900,000 (per Matt Babcock in this excellent article by Jeremy Berman of Babcock Hoops from March 2nd, 2020). NBA-out-clause present.

Background: Hailing from Cordoba, Argentina, Leandro Bolmaro has been steadily developing in Spain. He started playing basketball at nine years old as Bolmaro also competed as a high jumper during his teenage years. Bolmaro started his professional career at only 16 years old with Estudiantes de Bahia Blanca, in the top national league, Liga Nacional de Basquet. No stranger to international play at a young age, Bolmaro represented Argentina in their FIBA Under-17 South American Tournament and Under-19 World Cup competitions where he led both teams in scoring during these outings. He was also invited to the NBPA Top 100 Camp in 2017. Bolmaro played in both the Nike Hoops Summit and Basketball Without Borders, where he struggled in both outings. He spent from 2018 through now in Spain with FC Barcelona as he played the eternity of the 2018-19 season playing for Barcelona’s B-team and nine games in the following year. After nine games with the B team, during the 2019-20 season, Bolmaro moved up to the A-team. While he saw limited action and more (rather unfamiliar) off-ball play, Bolmaro had the opportunity to play in both the Spanish ACB and the Euroleague.

Injury Report: Minor injuries here and there. However, we would advise that teams check for issues with his hips & feet in physicals. Due to his lower body’s biomechanics & his general movement preferences, there may be issues there that can be corrected to augment his game (and health). Most importantly, if no health issues are found in his lower body, then his feel for shooting is notably lower than it may seem with his volume (more on this later). We cannot stand by this completely as of now as our access to medicals is currently limited to the eye test & consulting known kinesiology doctors on movement.

Personality: Leondro Bolmaro plays with a fight and passion. While he may need to work on his short term memory given his body language, but it’s clear that Bolmaro leaves everything out on the floor. His teammates seem to enjoy being around him and playing with him as well. While he has a competitive nature, he seems relaxed and in good spirits in interviews. Coach Sebastian Ginobili, in 2018, praised Bolmaro for his passion and love for the game. Baha Basket team psychologist, Agustin Arro, noted how “Above all, he has a strong attitude, and he adapts to change, and he has a good outcome in terms of adaptation and learning. He learns fast and eagerly, and he sets many objectives to make progress”. Bolmaro is a willing student of the game. During an ESPN interview with Mike Schmitz, he stated how he draws inspiration from James Harden in the pick and roll setting on offense and on the other side of the ball strives to emulate the effort level as Marcus Smart. A high character player, Bolmaro seems to play with a constant & admirable level of intensity.

Athleticism: Right now, Bolmaro is a slightly below average athlete for the NBA level due to lacking physicality and strength, but excels moving laterally for his size. On defense, he does an excellent job of using the outside of his feet and moving his hips to stay in front of quicker, more shifty guards. His effort and doggedness on defense help him make up for his shortcomings, but also subsequently can amplify mistakes. When moving downhill, he is quite coordinated, quick, and shifty. He has the athletic tools to employ quick changes of pace and effectively utilize a myriad of dribble moves. Vertically, Bolmaro posted a 32.5-inch max vertical jump, emphasizing his rather lacking vertical play. The most significant improvement area for Bolmaro is the strength department. Especially on his box-outs, Bolmaro got taken advantage of several times by wings and bigs. Opposing teams were also eager to hunt the post-up switch as he frequently gave up deep position. His frame suggests that he likely won’t put on a lot of weight.

Projected Roles: Pick & Roll Playmaker, POA Disruptor, and Bottom Option Scorer.

Projected Draft Landing: Second Round

Statistical Profile:

Bolmaro’s Shot Chart Over his Last 60 Games (Via InStat Basketball)

Career Projections:



PT data from last 30 games.


Improvement Areas

Combined with the significant lower body issues we have seen, it is safe to call Bolmaro a shooting project that does not guarantee value.

Lower body is clearly out of sync, especially in the knees during this attempt. In the third picture, we see Bolmaro’s faulty feet+hand setup, which leaves a lot to be desired. The guide hand on top of the ball can certainly be problematic.

Bolmaro’s shot chart operating as the P&R BH, last 58 games. InlineDrawing



Improvement Areas


Overall Outlook

Bolmaro’s value and differentiating factor is derived from him being a 6’7 two-way playmaker with the confidence and vision to make every pass in the book while also being a tough, quick, versatile POA defender. What he will struggle to do at an NBA level is score and provide offensive value. It is difficult to have a core initiator that cannot hit pull-up 3’s or play off the ball effectively when it matters, much less execute on their main form of advantage creation.

As mentioned earlier, initially pairing Bolmaro in backcourt next to a non-shooter is something we advise against. To provide a bit of context, let’s look at the Orlando Magic and the way they used Michael Carter-Williams last season. This presents a possible initial scenario for Bolmaro’s role in an NBA organization. Carter-Williams, played the majority of his career at the point guard spot but last season spent 68% of his time at the shooting guard position paired alongside of D.J. Augustin. This gave Augustin the ability to do more freelancing in the pick-and-roll/pop game as the Magic could run their offense through a more efficient lead ball handler. Carter-Williams could and would initiate the offense but this was more in a secondary role. On the other side of the floor, Carter-Williams was the on-ball POA defender as he would occasionally pick up the lead ball handler. For Bolmaro, pairing him next to a higher usage guard off the bench would make the most sense given his current offensive profile as his defensive acumen is already very promising.

While & if his shot develops, Bolmaro’s separating factor needs to continue to be defensively by checking all forms of opposing guard/wing initiators. If his shot doesn’t develop, we do not think he has enough offensively to be a tenured NBA guard. We do expect him to see the NBA at some point and be a major piece for years to come in the European scene.

If his tools do intrigue you, we would advise you to stash Bolmaro in hopes of him developing his shooting, counters, and frame to potentially bring him over in his prime to utilize his P&R playmaking and aggressive POA defense. We find it reasonable to project him as an offensive negative & slight defensive plus.

Major Swing Factors: Shooting, Counters, Finishing, Bulk.

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